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AO Tennis

AO Tennis logo

The first official tennis game

Australian Open Tennis is a collaboration between video game developer Big Ant Studios and Tennis Australia, and because of this AO Tennis is called the official tennis game of the Australian Open. Developer Big Ant Studios sees this game as the official representation of tennis in video gaming. This tennis sports game is being developed with statistic match play information based on the real-life performers of female as well as male tennis players.
AO tennis ball

Realistic gameplay

The tennis players you can play your matches with are thoroughly studied, and because of this the actions of the in-game characters are the same as they would implement them in an actual real-life tennis match. The difference between how gamers can experience them and how these tennis players play their matches in real-life is so elaborately developed that it feels like you becomes this famous sports person. Matches become photo realistic and fluent because of this. With previous tennis games defeating a top tennis player was very hard, because they were programmed as the toughest cookies to beat, they were programmed to be the best of the best, which made it hard for gamers to conquer a match, but not in AO Tennis, because all in-game top tennis players have their weaknesses and strengths based on their real-life counterparts. This means that the game becomes highly realistic, more fair, and also fluent when it comes down to the gameplay. In AO Tennis Rafael Nadal is the toughest player to beat, because this is the same in a real-life match, but no player is fully unbeatable, but it takes some time, levelling and practice.
AO tennis game Rafael Nadal
Playable AO Tennis Characters

For real!

In AO Tennis you can expect highly rendered 3D-game characters, and authentic skills and environments, but you can also adjust the game to your own likings. You can also level your tennis players, and next to this you can develop sponsoring logos, clothing and even stadiums. Just like in the FIFA game series you can play an elaborate career mode, in this mode you start as the 1500th on the world tennis ranking list, and it is your mission to become the 1st of the world ranking. AO Tennis will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Q1 2018.

Source: Australian Open TV

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