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Days Gone

Days Gone™ PlayStation Exclusive


SIE Bend Studio, known for the great Uncharted games for PS Vita, now comes with its first blockbuster PS4 title: Days Gone. The release has been postponed a number of times, but SIE Bend Studio only wants to bring out the best. And that day is almost there! Get ready to ride your motorcycle, defeat Freakers and survive in a ruthless world.

Days Gone will be released on April 26, 2019, on PS4 only.

Fight for survival

Days Gone is an open world survival game and you take on the role of Deacon St. John (Sam Witwer, known from his role as Starkiller in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed). Once an outlaw biker, Deacon is now a man on a bike who will do anything to stay alive and help his fellow biker friend Boozy.

A horrific pandemic has taken hold of the entire country, turning people into growling monsters, a.k.a. "Freakers" (because the word "zombie" is so last year).

After Deacon picked up some life-threatening injuries during the chaos, his wife Sarah finds a spot on an emergency helicopter. With a badly wounded biker buddy and not enough room for two more, Deacon is forced to make the heartbreaking decision that will separate him from his SO, possibly forever.

After this heart wrenching scene, the story fast forwards to 731 days later. Freakers are everywhere and members of the murderous cult The Rippers are not exactly your best friends either. As a bounty hunter, you and Boozer take on assignments for money and try to survive in the Oregon countryside, with your bikes as their trusty steel steeds.

Survive and ride your motorbike

A zombie game is not a zombie game without any decent survival equipment, so in Days Gone there are plenty of things to get started with. Use submachine guns, crossbows, knives, baseball bats or other improvised weapons to keep the Freakers at a safe distance. Shooting from afar is easy and safe, but defeating them up close delivers a perfect bloody scene. In these situations especially you can see how well details are animated.

SIE Bend Studio has paid much attention to the look and feel of riding the bike, as this is an important aspect of the game. The weight of Deacon on the motorcycle has an effect on driving and sliding through the bends has an incredibly realistic effect.

Are you ready to take on the action?

Days Gone is definitely a worthy PS4-exclusive because of the feeling of being part of a movie and the beautiful open world in which you can roam around. In addition to the fact that this is "another" zombie game with aspects that are familiar to us in other games, the use of the bike brings something new to the story.

We are curious what the full game has in store for us! Are you already completely prepped for the game or are you waiting for the first full reviews? Or do you already have a review for us? Let us know!

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Source: PlayStation

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