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Destiny 2

Destiny 2 logo
Since September 6th 2017 the sequel to the first Destiny is available in stores! Destiny 2 promises to be all the features which were done right in the first Destiny mixed with features which have been improved and expanded for this second part. In short, everything we like to see from a sequel!
Destiny 2 character

The story

Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter which succeeds its predecessor with an interesting plot and fluent gameplay which will appeal to experts and newbies alike. Destiny 2’s story unfolds in a solar system which needs to be saved from hostile entities which are not particularly fighting just to get peace. After an immense invasion of an extra-terrestrial race the last safe zone of mankind has been destroyed. A group of heroes, which call themselves ‘Guardians’ has been robbed from their superhero powers. It is up to you to travel through the solar system to find all the other Guardians, and gather them to fight of the evil forces which terrorize their surroundings.

Worlds full of content

Destiny has different lushes worlds which feel alive and breathing, e.g. there is a ‘European Dead Zone’, a world which has a deciduous forest, but also abandoned cities and a cave system. Next to this dead zone there are environments with names like Titan, Nessus and Io. Enough content for gamers to have hours and hours of gameplay.

Discover new environments

In Destiny 2 there are new directors and several menus which guide you during your search to find new adventures (sub-missions), lost sectors (special dungeons) and public events (new multiplayer areas, up to 9 players).

Different types of gameplay

The game Destiny 2 revolves around different game modes, e.g. story mode, co-op and The Crucible. Play solo or with friends in the story mode. Play in co-op mode in a great variety of challenges and in The Crucible you can play in a 4 vs. 4 mode, which is a capture the flag mode of sorts.
Destiny 2 environment

…but there are also many new features

In Destiny 2 two new features have been added: a Clan Creation Feature and Guided Games. In the first feature you get the opportunity to invite others and there is a clan system with which every member of your group can add input to the survival of the clan as a whole. The Guided Games Feature is a fully new function which has been developed anew for Destiny 2 and this feature is meant to let communities play challenging missions. Destiny promises to be a huge immersive game experience when it is released upcoming September, also when it comes down to its new and improved graphics. Destiny promises to be a huge immersive game experience when it is released upcoming September, also when it comes down to its new and improved graphics.

Source: destinygame

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