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Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 logo
Ever wanted to experience the peace and quiet of the American state of Montana? Well, now you can in Far Cry 5! You are being welcomes in Hope County, the Walhalla for peaceful people, but…also for a cult full of Doomsday enthusiast, that is also known as The Project at Eden’s Gate. This cult is being led by the ever so charismatic Joseph Seed and his dedicated brothers and sisters, that are better known as The Heralds. Eden’s Gate has many followers in Hope County, but because you came to town this peace and quiet has become chaotic and even violent, and somehow this also means that Joseph and his followers start pressuring the people in Hope County. You need to lead the resistance, but you also need to save the inhabitants of Hope County from the almost satanic ideas that Joseph Seed and his Heralds have.

Far Cry 5 will be released on March 27th 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.
Far Cry 5 Joseph

The Gameplay

In Far Cry 5 you will explore the vast countryside of Montana, and thus Hope County in the American state of Montana, but you will explore accompanied by your two biggest allies, which are heavy weapons and tough vehicles. Literally everything in Far Cry 5 is programmed to come alive on the screen, and this means that the whole gaming environment interacts with you; you create your own story, but everything can influence the ending of the game, e.g. the people you talk to or kill, how you interact with buildings, and even the flora and fauna of the game; all of this are new additions to an already incredibly popular video game franchise.

  • You will come across the strangest hillbillies in the vast game world that Hope County is.
  • Recruit other characters in Far Cry 5 that will battle the cult of The Project at Eden’s Gate together with you, but you can also recruit animals to fight your battles (together with you).
  • You can also the full campaign in co-op mode together with a companion.
  • In this Far Cry game you decide the who, when, how and why.
  • Far Cry 5 is the sand-box open-world game you have been waiting for!
  •  Choose who you are in the game; you can pick your own avatar and you can adjust your in-game character to your wishes.
  • There is a Map Editor added to the gameplay of Far Cry 5; this means that you can play in the versus mode with self-made arenas
Far Cry 5 fights

Far Cry 5 help

Make the right choices!

Go into battle against Joseph Seed and his cult the way you think would be best in a game world that is as dynamic as the lively characters that live there. Everything in the game can be influenced, and sometimes even tweaked, by you; sometimes this momentum is a gift, and sometimes it is a downright handicap, it is fully up to you.

  • There is a Resistance Meter added that gives an indication of what is about to change in the world around you, and it also gives an indication of how far you have progressed in the game.
  • You need to make sure that the cult The Project at Eden’s Gate will become one big chaos, and in the end you need to confront Joseph Seed and his power-crazy family members.
  • Your gameplay allows you to change the ending of the game, sometimes for the best, sometimes for the worst.

The promise

  • From muscle cars to big rigs, ATVs and tractors, become the master of these American redneck vehicles.
  • Climb in a plane, and start bombing the cult of Joseph Seed from the sky.
Source: Ubisoft US

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