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God of War

God of War logo
After Kratos has fought against the Greek gods in previous God of War titles this franchise does a 360-change and now we get to know Kratos from a totally different perspective, and the setting of this God of War game is not mythical Greece, but Norwegian folklore.

After getting some solid PlayStation Exclusives that started out on the PlayStation 2 console up to the PlayStation 4 when it comes down to remakes, and even on PlayStation handhelds, it was time to reboot the God of War franchise. Different from other games in the series this time around Kratos has a son, but he still fights for inner growth, violence and the longing to be a better man. In this game Kratos wants to protect his son in a world full of monsters, creatures and gods, and this world is filled with dead and destruction, blood-shed and chaos. Kratos wants to protect his son from evil, but if he will succeed in doing so is up to gamers…

Improved, yet recognizable gameplay

This God of War game has the most important elements of this gaming franchise, although with improved designs, e.g. the gory brutal fights, the photo realistic graphics, and the plot are more engaging than ever before.

A new era commences

In this God of War reboot Kratos is the mentor of his son; Kratos’ son tries to impress his dad to get respect. In the meantime Kratos explores the dark side of his son’s soul, but in the process he finds out how to control his own rage, and he has to compensate his own shortcomings, but how is he going to do this?

GOW Kratos and Boy
GOW fight

The dark side

This new God of War story unfolds in the realm of Norwegian mythology. With a setting like Norway you can expect great shots of lavish forests, mountains and other magnificent Scandinavian settings; this scenery is as perilous as it is beautiful, because there are creatures, monsters and gods roaming these lands.

Physically mesmerizing

The camera moves freely in this game, and you can experience the whole game out of the third-person perspective, to see all the bloody action from upclose and personal. Kratos has an axe in this new God of War; this weapon can be used to fight, but also to explore the absolutely gorgeous environments, but always be aware, because danger is behind every corner.

Source: PlayStation

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