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Halo Wars 2

Halo Wars 2 logo
Since February 21st 2017 the strategy fanatics in our company are totally hooked on Halo Wars 2, the sequel to the immensely popular game, Halo Wars. Do not expect Halo Wars 2 to be a first-person shooter, but rather expect a very intelligent strategy game that you can play in a single-player mode and multiplayer mode; both modes of this game play fluently as can be, which is great! We are already huge fans, but that can also be because we have great Halo fans in our team. In short, we are excited about this game, and now it is time you will!

Intelligent strategy game

Halo Wars 2 unfolds as an exciting strategy game that has the same overall feel as its first-person shooter alternative, but Halo Wars 2 combines the best of the action of its original first-person shooter game, but with a high level of strategy gaming. Everyone who has ever played a game out of the Halo franchise knows that these games are not plain hack ‘n slash games, but you really need to think about your actions in this game in order to succeed; the Halo games do offer this challenge. We are incredibly happy to see many successful key-points of the first Halo Wars game in this second part. Needless to say that Halo Wars has changed the landscape of strategy games in a positive sense, and this game has been a point of reference for strategy games that came after it.
In Halo Wars 2 we were very glad to see great points of reference from the original Halo Wars game, e.g. the classic battle teams: Spartans, Warthogs, Scorpions, but also totally new units. This means that Halo Wars 2 is all the good things we were introduced to in the original, but with some great new features for this second part!
In Halo Wars 2 you level, build, collect, and you equip your troops with the most advanced artillery and protection you have seen. The possibilities are endless in this game.
Halo Wars 2, level, build, collect.
Halo Wars 2 fight strategy game

Really Blitz!

Blitz is a new gameplay alternative that has been added to Halo Wars 2, next to this it is a totally new approach to the strategy game genre. With this game mode you can pull a card, and by doing so you can combine tactical strategies during battles. For us, as fans, this was a perfect addition, that really makes a difference, so we have played this gaming mode quite a lot; we also like to make use of the really cool and tuned, yet powerful, Halo vehicles that gamers can use in the Blitz mode. In this mode you can even go into battle all alone, if you want to. We tried the last option once, and the game experience fully changes when you do so, and this experience is totally different from when you play with a large number of characters on the battlefield.
game cards direct review monkey

The verdict

We highly recommend Halo Wars 2 to gamers who like the Halo franchise, and are fans of this specific strategy genre, but also fans of the first Halo Wars game will have quite the challenge in this new game. Halo Wars 2 is for noobs and advanced players alike, there is something for everyone to enjoy.
Source: Xbox

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