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Hey! Pikmin

Hey Pikmin logo

A brand-new adventure

Through the years we have seen three iterations of the Pikmin game franchise. The first game was released on the Nintendo Gamecube, which means that this game is actually reaching an old school status for modern-day gamers. Young gamers will know Pikmin 3, this game was released on Nintendo Wii U in 2013, and this game got a lot of praise from fans and critics alike when it came down to its colourful environments and animations, but also its easy and challenging gameplay. For the first time ever Pikmin will get a release on the Nintendo 2DS and 3DS handheld systems. This time around Pikmin is a side-scrolling game and not a strategy game which has an open-world as its main setting; this might just be the biggest difference between the old school Pikmin and this version, Pikmin has evolved from a strategy-game into a puzzle-game.

The Pikmin games revolve around strange tiny creatures named Pikmin. The Pikmin need to stay out of harm’s way while they explore their environments and while they collect fruit to stay alive and breathe. The one who makes sure that all the Pikmin survive is Captain Olimar.
Hey Pikmin 2DS double screen play

The Nintendo 2DS and 3DS double-screen

Obviously the 2D and 3DS handhelds have double-screens, which is the main attraction of both handheld systems. The settings and atmosphere of Hey! Pikmin are designed to be displayed on the double-screens, and most of the time the double-screens provoke the illusion that gamers are actually playing on one screen. This illusion is handy during certain animations, but also when you need to fight off certain enemies.

The gameplay

In one of the trailers which were released of Hey! Pikmin one can see how some of the elements which were a success in previous Pikmin titles have survived to be displayed in Hey! Pikmin. In previous Pikmin games it was possible to make your Pikmin build a bridge, and this feature is back in this game version of Pikmin. In Hey! Pikmin it is possible to use a stone Pikmin to throw against a brick wall and break it. Next to this, it is also possible to launch a Pikmin through the whole level, the only difference is that this time around you need the touch-screen to launch your Pikmin.

By the looks of it we will get a brand-new version of the already successful Pikmin franchise. This new edition will be linear rather than a big open world where you can execute all tasks at your own pace. There is even a flag pole at the end of each level with which you can wave and show-off your victory and progress.
Hey Pikmin Olimar

Old ‘n new

The handheld version of Pikmin will have a great variety of different Pikmin to play with. I Hey! Pikmin familiar Pikmin will show-up again, but there are also new ones. In a released video we already saw how Capatain Olimar meets the red Pikmin first. The blue, yellow and stone Pikmin will also be returning. Yellow Pikmin are meant to electrocute their surroundings, stone Pikmin are meant to use as bullets and to break through barriers, blue Pikmin like to be in water and winged Pikmin are meant to fly to the high level regions of the game.

Pikmin Amiibo

Hey! Pikmin supports Nintendo Amiibo-figurines on the 2DS and 3DS handheld. We are not exactly sure what the use of a Amiibo-figurine would do exactly in Hey! Pikmin, but we are exciting to see what would happen. The Amiibo-figurine itself is already shown to the public.

Hey! Pikmin was released on July 28th 2017 for Nintendo 2DS and 3DS.
Source: Nintendo

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