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Kirby: Star Allies

It has been a while since we have heard from our favourite, cutesy, pink balloon creature. This time around we see him (or her?) in a new adventure on the all-new Nintendo Switch console. Needless to say, Kirby is back! This Kirby game is in HD, how cool is that?!

The release date is March 16 2018. This game is a Nintendo exclusive.

Make your enemies your minions

Kirby will not be putting up a fight alone in Kirby: Star Allies, because when Kirby shoots his hearts to defeat his enemies he can turn enemies into allies, they will desert the dark side to go to the “good” camp. By doing so you can form a group of max. four allies that will help Kirby on his adventure.

Multiplayer gameplay

With a maximum of up to three friends you can play the game Kirby: Star Allies in co-op mode. You even have the ability to copy abilities to enemies you have pulled to your own team.

You can also add elements, e.g. water, wind, fire and electricity to your copy abilities; you can hand them or borrow them to your allied enemies to make them stronger during fights or to make them solve puzzles.

Together with your new minions you can make Kirby fight against creatures from the far corners of space and beyond. Are you going to free Dreamland? Play Kirby: Star Allies!

Original use of the Nintendo Switch

You can play Kirby: Star Allies with at least four players by making use of one Joy-Con horizontally. In case your are the proud owner of eight Joy-Con controllers than you can let each and every player control this game with a regular joined Joy-Con controller.
Source: Nintendo

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