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LEGO: The Incredibles

This LEGO game is part of the ever-growing LEGO gaming franchise that has been a booming franchise the last couple of years. To make the LEGO The Incredibles game, Disney, Pixar, and TT Games have worked together again to create a great immersive game. This game is a direct sequel when it comes down to The Incredible animation movie franchise that came out a couple of years ago. This animation movie had a lot of laughs, action and an unforgettable plot. This game will be released on Nintendo switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on June 27th 2018.

The Incredibles: The Plot

Because of the plot of this LEGO game you can relive all the great scenes and moments of the Incredibles movies, and you seamlessly go from part one of the movies to part two. The second Incredibles movie will hit theatres simultaneously with this LEGO game. In the game you can become part of different action scenarios, all the while you use your super powers to make all the baddies in the game’s life miserable.

What about the gameplay of this LEGO The Incredibles game?

This gameplay of this game is challenging because you need to make use of the super powers of all the family members of the Parr family. They need to work together, because otherwise they will not conquer their enemies. The powers of each and every family member is different and unique. Only by working together you will progress in this game.
In the LEGO The Incredibles game you need to avoid some family drama by using humor and fun to your advantage. Next to this, you need to fight of criminals in the city.

What other game elements are also included in the LEGO The Incredibles game?

  • Story mode: Experience the adventures of The Incredibles, but also of the second movie.
  • Hub World: Explore Hub World, a world that expands and is run by crooks.
  • Classic LEGO gameplay: You can play a great number of side-missions in which you need to fight, build, solve puzzles, and in which you need to collect LEGO parts.
  • Multiplayer gameplay: Combine the forces of the Parr family to solve puzzles and catch baddies.
Source: LEGO

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