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Luigi's Mansion 3

Luigi's Mansion 3

Luigi has once again fallen for a scheme and his holiday in a luxury hotel has turned sour. It is up to him to save Mario, Princess Peach and his other friends from the evil King Boo. You would think that Luigi would has overcome his fear of ghosts by now, right? Wrong, he is just as big a coward as before when it comes to ghosts.

Luigi's Mansion 3

Luigi’s Mansion 3 will be released for the Nintendo Switch on 31 October 2019. Read what you can expect from the story and the new features in this blog post!

From dream holiday to nightmare

Luigi and his friends, including Mario, Princess Peach and a few Toads, are invited to spend the night in the luxury hotel The Last Resort. Sounds like a lovely holiday, but unfortunately it soon becomes clear that it is anything but lovely; the hotel is haunted! The extravagant hotel turns out to be a set-up by King Boo, who had been planning to capture Mario and the rest. The other guests in the hotel can walk through walls and doors and are not the friendliest bunch. Our heroic scaredy-cat will have to get rid of all the ghosts and clear all 17 floors of the hotel in search of his kidnapped friends.
Luigi and Boo

New features in Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi’s Mansion 3 will once again offer fun and challenging gaming content for your Nintendo Switch. There are a few new and renewed features:
Luigi and Gooigi
Poltergust G-00

Your precious ghost-vacuum has been upgraded! With the new powerful slam move, you can lift ghosts that you have already captured and slam them to the ground. This deals more damage and can also be used to take down other ghosts that are close by. You can also use the Suction Shot function to shoot a plunger and break furniture by pulling the string attached. This move will come in handy when you face a ghost who is using a shield to protect itself. Shield, be gone! Finally, you can get a boost by shooting yourself in the air and blowing away ghosts. This is especially useful when you're surrounded by ghosts and you need to catch your breath.


The Poltergust G-00 also introduces a new invention called Gooigi, a green gooey clone of Luigi that can be used to, for example, walk through metal and iron. With Gooigi by your side, you can get out of any tricky situation. And the best thing is, Gooigi can be controlled by a second player! So unhook that Joy-Con and pass it onto your fellow player.

The ScareScraper

The ScareScraper is a scary (duh) tower that is perfect for teamwork. You can play with 8 players offline and online in different game modes. For example, you will have to get rid of every ghost before time runs out in the Hunter Mode, or capture all Polterpups following their little paw prints in the Polterpup Mode.

If you want to play this game mode, you will need an active Nintendo Switch Online-subscription!

Luigi's Mansion 3 multiplayer
Luigi's Mansion 3 play with 8 players
Luigi's Mansion 3 different multiplayer game modi

Use a Nintendo eShop Card

Can’t wait to play Luigi’s Mansion 3? You can purchase the game digitally in the Nintendo eShop as of the 31st of October. If you use a gift card from Gamecardsdirect, you can top-up your wallet in no-time and start playing the game in just a few minutes. Click here to check out all our digital Nintendo eShop Cards.

Source: Nintendo

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