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Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions


Mario Bros. remake

On October 6th 2017 Mario and Luigi have joined brotherly hands again in a hilarious RPG full of action on the Nintendo 2DS and 3DS. The reason for this remake adventure of the sworn brothers in plumber outfits is of course Princess Peach, because a wicked witch stole her voice.

New enemies and old acquaintances

In this new Mario Bros. adventure you get help from an unlikely character, king Bowser, Mario’s arch enemy. In the game Mario and Luigi are both playable characters, but you need to switch between the two in order to make this adventure a great success. Superstar Saga goes beyond the borders of Mushroom Kingdom, and brings you to Beanbean Kingdom, where you will meet new enemies as well as some classic evil characters who want to make the life of the Mario Bros. a living hell. This remake of the original is full of action-packed game levels, new techniques, new puzzles, and also super moves, which are quite welcome in multiple situations.

What’s new?

The 3DS version of this game comes with all the dialogue and original gameplay of this game’s original, but adds to the story by adding the ‘Bowser’s Minions’ storyline, because you can also play this game out of the perspective of Captain Goomba, one of king Bowser’s loyal subjects.

Nostalgia with a twist

  • In the new version of the original game, which once came out for the Gameboy Advance, and paved the way for more Mario & Luigi games, the Mario Bros. can make use of special moves, called ‘super moves’. You need these moves to solve puzzles, but also to fight your way through enemies. During the game you have to play like Mario or Luigi, because the special abilities that both of them have are so different that you need to use them in quite a tactical way.
  • Try to stay away from enemy fire, so learn how to jump away or how to evade, but you can also execute a counter attack and safe the day. All moves are as cool as the next one.
  • In the newly added story mode, called ‘Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser’ you have to try and find the leader of the pack, king Bowser. By doing so, you experience the game from another character’s perspective, that of Captain Goomba. By doing so you get to know what happened behind enemy lines.
  • This game can also be played in combination with an Amiibo of Goomba, Boo and KoopaTroopa.
Source: Nintendo UK

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