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Marvel's Spider-Man

This totally new Spider-Man game spawned out of a collaboration between Marvel and Insomiac Games. The Spider-Man in this game is totally different from the crawling superhero we have come to see in the movies. This is an experienced all grown-up version of Peter Parker, who knows what he is good in, and he knows New York city like the corners of his own pocket. This Peter Parker also tries to manage his own life, although it becomes more unusual and more chaotic, because of his superhero lifestyle. Next to this, he has to make sure that nine million New Yorkers are Ok.

This game will be released on September 7th 2018, and it will be a PlayStation Exclusive.

A completely new experience

This Spider-Man game will make sure that you have a totally different game experience, because you really step into the hectic life of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. This game has heaps of acrobatic artistry, improvisation, and spiderweb speed actions. In short, in this game you will see everything the character of Spider-Man became well-known for. You can even go through New York parkour style in this game. Because of all these different elements you can imagine that you are really Spider-Man, or at least Peter Parker.

Become Spider-Man

When you count out Reed Richards, a.k.a. Mister Fantastic, Spider-Man is the most mean and lean fighting machine in the Marvel Universe. In this game, Peter Parker has the ultimate control over his spider-senses; this comes from years and years of experience. Next to this, he has mastered all his special powers, and he has even got a new outfit. Submerge yourself in the bizarre and tricky life of Peter Parker, who is really a young-adult with great powers.

Submerge yourself in a new plot

You can submerge yourself in a new Spider-Man plot. Meet well-known and beloved characters, but in unexpected roles. A fully new storyline has been implemented in this game, and this makes this game extra special and immersive. Expect a Spider-Man that you have not seen before, neither in the comics or on the big and small screen. In this game you play as a Peter Parker who knows what he wants, but he is also the saviour of the citizens of New York. Time will tell whether he can keep up the façade.
Source: Marvel Entertaintment

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