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Need for Speed: Payback

Need for speed payback logo
Need for Speed: Payback is the triumphant return of the Need for Speed franchise to most consoles and PC. This NFS game will be released on November 10th 2017 for almost all platforms (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC). In short: “Ready!...Steady!...Go!”

Save Fortune Valley!

NFS Payback revolves around Fortune Valley, and the organized crime that has taken over this city. As a gamer you seek revenge when it comes down to mobster group The House; a group that rules casinos, criminals, but also the police in Fortune Valley. In Need for Speed: Payback there is much at risk, but you are the chosen person to save this city from its very unfortunate demise. You can play as different characters, and by doing so you can win a great variety of races and complete different game missions. All these events are meant to earn the respect of the local mob, so you can defeat The House in the final race showdown, and let the peace return to Fortune Valley.

Racing on your own terms…

Needless to say that your race car is one of the central topics in this NFS game, so you can customize your car like you please, and even your gameplay adapts to your way of customizing. Create your own unique race cars by making use of performance and graphical customizations. This Need for Speed game has more options to make your car your own than every other NFS game ever before! Stay out of the hands of the corrupt police and The House in order to deliver Fortune Valley from evil. Get into matches on different terrains, and in different weather conditions, and make sure to stay ahead of your competition. During these events you can collect in-game currency, and you can use this currency to further expand your game experience. When you play Need for Speed: Payback online you can even further expand your experience, and you can also share your game experiences with fellow NFS Payback gamers. You can also race against other online-gamers, even when they are your in-game rivals. A great extra in this instalment in the NFS franchise is that you can see your world ranking.

Customization and gameplay

Need for Speed: Payback switches seamless between hit ‘n run missions, and epic car races, which make this race game a great sensation and a rush of blood through the head. NFS Payback is a chain reaction of action sequences and great racing battles that are not seen before in this game series.
  • Customize your race car – Customize your race car, so that you become unbeatable! In NFS Payback you can choose out of five types of cars: Race, Off-road, Drag, Drift and Runner. You can go and look for lost cars around the race areas in this game. You can use your in-game currency to pimp the cars you have found. Build with your collection of cars your own car park with cars that are customized to your standards.
  • Make your race dreams come true – Play the fantastic single-player story mode and choose out of three playable characters who all have one goal: They seek revenge when it comes down to The House, the evil cartel that rules Fortune Valley. Race your way to power, and defeat The House with the one thing you do best, and that is racing. Take on the ever-evolving police corps, race against your rivals, race through different areas with a variety of weather conditions, and complete all your missions with success during your race to the top.
  • Intense gameplay – Choose your own way of driving and by doing so you also customize the gameplay of NFS: Payback. Play the exciting single-player mode and race against friends and rivals in the multi-player mode. Classic Need for Speed elements blend in seamlessly with new game modes, which makes NFS Payback a varied, but most of all cool race experience.
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