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Nintendo Switch Lite – the colourful travelling companion!

Nintendo Switch Lite logo

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a new console that has been created especially for gamers who travel a lot. Continue playing your favourite game, no matter where you are! The Lite version is available in three funky colours; yellow, grey and turquoise. But what are the differences between the regular Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite? Read all about this new handheld console in this blog post.

The Nintendo Switch Lite will be in stores as of 9 September 2019 for the price of €299,99.

Nintendo Switch Lite Yellow version
Nintendo Switch Lite Gray version
Nintendo Switch Lite turquoise blue version

Play together, no matter where you are

With the Nintendo Switch Lite you can take your games anywhere, thanks to the compact shape. Please know that the Switch Lite is not an exact copy of the Switch console. The Nintendo Switch Lite is meant for gamers that like to game while travelling.
Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite
It is still possible to play with more than one Lite consoles at the same time. You can link up to 8 different Nintendo Switch Lite systems and play multiplayer games locally or online. You do need an active Nintendo Switch Online membership in order to play online multiplayer games.

Play Switch games on the Lite as well

You can also play ‘regular’ Nintendo Switch games on the Lite version. It does mean that some features have been left out. The controls are fully integrated, meaning you will not have detachable Joy-Cons anymore to play with. Keep in mind that the Switch Lite also does not have the HD Rubble and IR Motion Camera features. Do you have a game that does make use of these functions? Then you will need to connect a set of Joy-Cons to your Lite system.
Icon for playable Nintendo Switch Lite game

You can always check the back of the game box whether or not the game is compatible with the Nintendo Switch Lite. If it is not, you can always buy a pair of Joy-Cons so you can still play the game. The only exception is Nintendo Labo, with which you need to be able to attach your Joy-Cons and Nintendo Switch console to the cardboard shapes. The Switch Lite is not suitable nor does it fit in the Labo shape.

Furthermore, the Nintendo Switch Lite cannot be linked to your television, this console is only for handheld gaming.

Buy the games you want to play on the Switch Lite!

Have you already pre-ordered your Nintendo Switch Lite and cannot wait to get started with the best Nintendo games? Then make sure to top up your Nintendo wallet with Nintendo eShop Cards and get shopping in the Nintendo eShop! Purchase the Nintendo eShop Card you need here.

Source: Nintendo

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