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Up to this point there is not a lot known about the first-person horror adventure Scorn, except its story and a couple of (gameplay) trailers. The thing that is for sure though is that Scorn promises to be bloody, nightmarish and a hell of a ride.

Scorn will be released on PC on December 30th 2017 (see update at the end of the page).

The story

There is not a lot known about the story of Scorn, apart from that the story unfolds while you play the game; it is the same way Half-life told his story back in the day. The reason why the developer chose this approach is because gamers need to stay engaged and committed in Scorn, rather than putting down the controls to watch a cut-scene.


Scorn relies heavily on its atmosphere, because the atmosphere is key in this game. You will walk structures where the walls are veiny and seem to breathe and be alive. In this setting you need to fight off unsettling creatures that are as scary as the environment they live in.
The game is non-linear, and unfolds itself as a game that has a sand-box build-up. You, as a gamer, are thrown in this world without a lot of explanation, and you need to find your own path while being in the middle of the action already, which is quite cool, especially because you need to explore a nightmarish and very ghoulish world. In this regard, the setting of the game is an actual character that comes to live as the game unfolds.

Every location in the game has its own theme and story, puzzles and characters. During the game you will acquire different skills, weapons and items. The way you perceive and make your way through the world will change the world for the best or the worse, it is all up to you.

This game was supposed to be released on 30 December 2018, but has unfortunately been rescheduled. When the game will release has yet to be made known.

Source: Ebb Software

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