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Super Mario Odyssey

In Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch you can once again play as Mario, one of video gaming's most beloved and iconic characters. This time around Mario makes a trip around the world, and he goes further than the borderlines of Mushroom Kingdom; in this game Mario will also travel to the world of men for the first time, and thus Mario's new epic adventure is bigger than life itself. Curious? Play this game on your Nintendo Switch console.

The plot

This time you play as Mario in a beautiful detailed 3D environment, and you will make a trip around the world in order to block king Bowser's plans to marry princess Peach. In previous editions of the Super Mario franchise you collected coins, but this time you will gather moons, in order to put them in your air ship as fuel. The different world that are included in Super Mario Odyssey are instant classics and already deserve a place in gaming history.
Just like Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine the game will unfold in a 3D sandbox, which means that you can finish the game on your own pace and that you do not need to follow a beaten path. In Super Mario Odyssey you can use Mario's plumber hat as a weapon, among other features you can execute by using Mario's hat. The gameplay becomes more inventive and funnier because of this, because Mario's hat has a will of its own.

A whole new world to explore

  • Discover great 3D kingdoms and other places, and unravel all the mysteries and surprises in Super Mario Odyssey. Change outfits to conquer all places you travel to, and collect moons to fuel your air ship. The humor that we know from previous Super Mario games is back and better than ever. In soms levels you can even play as pixel-Mario, how cool is that?!
  • Mario's plumber cap, named Cappy, has a will of his own, but when used correctly you can put Cappy to good use, and you can even use him as a weapon by throwing it to enemies as a frisbee.
  • Make sure that princess Peach does not get married to king Bowser in this new, yet already epic, adventure that is Super Mario Odyssey.
  • You can also make use of Amiibo in Super Mario Odyssey. You can get extra outfits and some extra-special help from allies when you use an Amiibo in this game.
Source: Nintendo

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