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Top 5 Xbox Game Pass Games

Starting this month Gamecardsdirect also sells the “Xbox Game Pass 6 months”. With this Game Pass you can play games unlimited out of the Microsoft Xbox game libraries. You can play games from the original Xbox, but also Xbox 360 and Xbox One. In this regard, you can play new games, but also your old favourites, which is great for nostalgic reasons. When you also have a subscription on Xbox Live Gold, you can really get the party started because all online content and multiplayer gameplay on Xbox Game Pass will also become available to you. In short, there are many things you can do with a subscription of six months on Xbox Game Pass!

The top 5 coolest games you can play on Xbox Game Pass according to the Gamecardsdirect team

Underneath you can find the top 5 of the coolest games you can play on Xbox Game Pass ranked by the Gamecardsdirect team. All of these games have kept us quiet for quite some time in the game room of our company. We have ranked them here for you…

5. Abzû

Abzû is an indie-game that you “must” have played! This game, made by the same studio that was responsible for PlayStation classics like Flower and Journey, take you to a submerged world of wonder. There has been more than once that we have just quietly lay down underwater just to observe the beauty of this game, and to see all the marine life passing by. The underwater world of Abzû seems to be alive and breathing. It is incredible. In this game you slowly, but surely, discover the mysteries of an ancient civilization.

4. Rise of the Tomb Raider

In Rise of the Tomb Raider, the second instalment in the reboot trilogy, you get to know more about the young adventurer Lara Croft. This time around she fights an evil organization, named Trinity. Discover ancient, yet powerful tombs, and see how Lara is battling herself through a long list of enemies and traps to reach her destination of actually becoming the Tomb raider we all got to love over the years. Jump, climb, discover, evade, shoot, and eventually overrule Trinity. This is a top game that will keep you busy for several hours.

3. De Gears of War franchise (a.o. Gears of War 1-4)

The earth gets invaded fully by an evil, hostile race from outer space, The Locust. You are the iconic Xbox character Marcus Fenix, a former inmate, who is ready to kick some alien ass. He has a good reason to seek revenge on The Locust. We have had jaw-dropping moments while looking at the graphics of this game franchise, and also while making use of all the gameplay elements. On Xbox Game Pass you can find all the games in the Gears of War franchise. One word: “WOW!”

2. De Fable franchise (Fable 1-3)

The original Fable came out on the original Xbox in 2004. This franchise is an absolute classic for the Microsoft Xbox. In Fable it is all about how you carry yourself in the elaborate world that are created for this open-world franchise. Are you more in-touch with your dark side or your kind and welcoming side? Everything around you changes according to the choices that you make in the games. Next to this, you need to fight off hordes of enemies, and you have lots of interaction with the world that surrounds you. Because of the fact that these games are so huge and elaborate, many RPG fans will love these games.

1. De Resident Evil franchise (a.o. Resident Evil: The Remake)

Of course, this legendary zombie killing game series is no. #1! How can it not be?! Each game out of this franchise is an instant classic. The first Resident Evil set the example for all survival games that came after this one. We almost bumped our heads on the ceiling, because there are quite some jump scares in these games, and believe us, they will freak you out. Nevertheless, we continued playing. Resident Evil is the best! Period.

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