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Tom Clancy's: The Division 2


Prevent the fall of Washington D.C.

With The Division 2 approaching, early fans of this game already can prepare for the release of new challenges and adventures. There are bigger threats and multiple ways to play the game, so you will never be bored saving the city that desperately needs your help!

The RPG shooter will be released on March 15, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows.

The story

If you haven’t played part 1 yet, we will provide you with some background information first.

Your character is a member of the Division, a group of civilian agents that is the last line of defence. Washington D.C. is in danger, on the brink of collapse, so you and your team are to gear up and use your skills to take on this new threat.

The city is a realistic, one-on-one representation of the original D.C. with familiar neighbourhoods and landmarks. Use everything the city has to offer and take a closer look, as if you are really there!

Open Bèta

From 1 to 4 March 2019 it was possible to play the open beta of The Division 2. The beta lets you taste some of the new features in the game. For example, there was the possibility to visit main missions, side quests, activities in the open world and one of the three Dark Zones. Have you played the open beta? Let us know what your experience was, what did you notice the most and what are you looking forward to?

More than just a campaign

The adventure does not stop once you reach level 30. On the contrary, you may choose a specialisation at that level, unlock a unique weapon and skills to completely personalise your play style. As far as the specialisation goes, there are three kinds that you can choose from:

  • The Survivalist
  • The Demolitionist
  • The Sharpshooter

End game features

The endgame offers enough new challenges so you can upgrade your agent time and again and never get bored. Go to the Dark Zone to fight against Environment and earn luxury equipment. Or get started with new missions by playing together. You can also join a clan, because let’s be honest: it is much more fun to counter the threats with your buddies, right?

Continuous new content

Ubisoft indicates that new content continuously will be added to Tom Clancy's The Division 2. You will never get bored, always have new goals to complete and experience new adventures all the time. With each other or against each other, whatever suits you best.

What do you think of the open beta so far, or are you waiting for the full game to be released? Purchase the game digitally in your Store and start playing as soon as the game is out. Do you have enough credit in your wallet, or do you still need a Wallet top-up? Check out the product below for PlayStation or Xbox credit.

Source: Ubisoft North America

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