What is Battle.net?

Battle.net is an online gaming platform created by game developer Blizzard Entertainment. Battle.net gives gamers access to world-famous games, such as: World of Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch and Hearthstone.

The goal of Battle.net is to connect gamers worldwide with a powerful, dynamic and high-tech game platform. Blizzard is continuously occupied with the optimisation of its platform in order to make games more user-friendly and well-balanced. Furthermore, Battle.net was launched to improve the joy of online gaming.

What are the advantages of subscribing at Battle.net?

Do you love Blizzard games? Install Battle.net and benefit from the advantages which this platform has to offer. The advantages of Battle.net are summarized underneath:
- Buy Blizzard games, in-game content and game services online for e.g. WoW, StarCraft and
- All your Blizzard games gathered in one spot;
- Automatically updates your Blizzard games;
- Get in touch with other Blizzard gamers;
- Become part of the Blizzard community.

What else can I do with Battle.net?

Battle.net does not only give you access to Blizzard games and interesting discounts; automatically you also become part of the Battle.net Social Community. Use your own chosen Battletag nickname to identify yourself on Battle.net websites, forums and in Blizzard games. Become friends with another gamer and communicate with a multitude of tools.

The Real ID option is an innovative way to keep in touch with friends. The Real ID is an optional tool which makes it possible to stay in touch with your real-life friends on Battle.net by using your real name. When you become friends the Real ID option can be used so you can benefit from several extras which will enrich your social gaming experience.

How can I activate my Battle.net code?

1. Go to Battle.net and log in to your Battle.net account; Top-right corner.
    Note: Don you not have a Battle.net account yet? Please create a new account!
2. Click your username and choose Account Settings.
3. Click on the option ‘Games & Codes’.
4. Enter the Battle.net code which you have received at the option ‘Enter Code’ and
     confirm the entry by clicking ‘Redeem Code’.
5. Select your region (mostly EU) and after that click ‘Continue’.
6. The value of the prepaid code will be added to your account.
7. Buy new games or in-game content and immediately get started!