BL2DLC CaptainScarlet boxshot2
BL2DLC CaptainScarlet boxshot2
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PiratesBooty Screenshot Docks
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Borderlands 2: Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s Booty DLC (MAC)

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Enter the hostile wastelands of Pirate Bay in search of ancient treasure buried somewhere in the waste, a cache that would make even the most stoic of Pandora explorers hunger for its discovery. It's rumored to be guarded by the largest, most vicious creature on Pandora – but that shouldn't deter a real adventurer... featuring new wasteland locations, new enemies, new quests, and much more loot! 

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 PEGI 18

In this age category  the games revolve around close to life situations which revolve around violence and/or sexual activities. One can expect from people who play games within this category that they have reached a level of maturity which is suitable for their age, and that they would have a good level of putting matters in perspective when it comes down to profanity and the use of tobacco, drugs and alcohol, but also when it comes down to criminal activities.

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