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COD Points PS huidige website banner

Call of Duty points for Playstation

Playstation Network Card

20 euro - Netherlands

€ 20,00

PlayStation Network Card

50 euro - Netherlands

€ 50,00

Call of Duty gamers, every heard of Call of Duty Points?

Are you a fan of the Call of Duty franchise? Fan of the single player and multiplayer modes of these war games? Then you have probably heard about Call of Duty Points, also called COD Points! With these Points you can boost three Call of Duty games: Infinite Warfare, Black Ops III and WWII. With these COD Points you can upgrade your favourite Call of Duty game, and you can bring your Call of Duty experience to a whole new level by buying weapons, armour, and other extra accessories. So, if you want to expand your COD game experience with characters that you can customize up to your own standards, then you have to buy Call of Duty Points!

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