Date: 15-3-2017

EA Origin – What is it?

EA Origin is the designated online platform for Electronic Arts gamers. With EA Origin you get access to the best EA games, you can play with and against other gamers and you will find the best possible game offers on the internet.

Download and play your favourite games with the Origin Client and get started immediately! A great advantage of registering at EA is that your subscription gives you access to designated EA websites and online services such as:

EA Origin – What are the advantages?

- Receive interesting discounts on games;
- Origin automatically keeps your games up-to-date;
- Communicate (also in-game) with your friends with a multitude of chat options;
- Install games without any installation CDs needed;
- Get access to EA help services.

EA Origin – How can I activate my code?

You can redeem your Origin code by following these 6 easy steps:
1. Go to: and log on with your Origin account details.
2. Next you need to click at the bottom left of the screen on your user name and next you need to
    click on the option: ‘EA account and billing’.
4. Select the option ‘Payment and sending’.
5. Click on the button ‘EA-wallet’ and select the option ‘Add more’.
6. Enter the code you have received by e-mail.

EA Origin – How can I buy a code online?

If you want to upgrade your EA Origin balance you do not have to leave your house anymore, because you can buy these prepaid cards as of now 24/7 at our web shop. Ordering Origin credit is simple: Add the card to the shopping cart and go to the payment screen. Pay for the card and receive your redeem code instantly by e-mail.