Long distance whacking

Choose out of Arms fighters which belong to a diverse community and have roots all over the world. Use fighting combinations which you can execute with your flexible telescopic Arms and use different button combinations to damage your opponent as much as possible. Whack your opponent into the air, slap them mid-air, or stomp them to the ground in one of the magnificent battle arenas. With some or more power-ups you can damage your opponent as badly as you possible can. Read more...

Tekken 7

The ultimate battle is about to begin!

The Tekken franchise already exists for twenty years, and Tekken 7 is the ninth instalment in the franchise (this includes the spin-offs) and this means that the producers of Tekken, Namco Bandai Entertainment, have made a high-energy killer feast out of their last instalment with lots of new features and playable characters!

The legendary Tekken franchise was returned for the seventh time on June 2nd 2017 as the ultimate world-leading fighting-game! Read more...