Date: 22-2-2017

Google Play Card – When do you use these types of cards?

With a Google Play Prepaid Card you can add a certain amount of credit to your Google Play account. Google Play cards can be bought in different variations when it comes down their worth. They vary from 15 euros to 100 euros, and are available on our online web shop.

Choose your Google Play card of choice, receive your game card code by e-mail and you can immediately start shopping!

Google Play Cards – How can I use these types of cards?

After you have added value to your Google Play account, you can start using this new added credit to buy games, apps, music, books, movies, series and other products which are offered in the Google Play Store.

Exchanging Google Play Cards – How can I activate a Google Play Card?

Google Play Cards can be  added to your Google Play account in 2 different ways:

1. On the Google Play Store website.
2. On the Google Play Store app.

Exchanging a Google Play code in the Google Play Store will be as follows:
1. Go to in your browser.
2. Click on “Exchange credit” in the left-hand menu.
3. You will get a new screen on your main screen. Fill-out your Google Play code in this screen and 
    click on “Exchange”.

How to exchange Play codes on the Google Play Store app
1. Go to the Play Store app on you mobile of tablet.
2. Click in the left-hand corner of the symbol ☰.
3. The navigation tool opens. Choose for the option “Exchange”.
4. A new screen opens on your screen. Add the Play code and click on “exchange”.

Google Play prepaid card – How can I buy a Google Play redeem code?

Google Play cards you buy quick and simple in the online web shop! Our web shop is open 24/7, so you can buy a Google Play code whenever it would suit you out of the comfort of your own home.

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