Datum: 23-2-2017

iTunes Cards – When do you use these types of cards?

With an iTunes prepaid card you can upgrade the credit you have on your iTunes account. iTunes cards are available in different values in our web shop.

Beware! iTunes  are available in our web shop for a multitude of different companies. Do you have a Dutch iTunes account, than you need to buy a Dutch iTunes code. Do you have an account from another country, than make sure to buy a card which belongs to that specific country. Click on the flag logo and buy an iTunes card which applies to your account!

iTunes cards – How can I use these cards?

Immediately after paying for your order you will get your digital iTunes code by e-mail. With this code you can boost your iTunes account with a certain amount of credits. With the added credit you can immediately start purchasing products online in the iTunes Store. Buy new music, download new movies and series, install apps, read iBooks, buy new content and more…

Exchanging your iTunes card -  How can I activate my iTunes code on my iTunes account?

iTunes prepaid cards can be exchanged in two ways:
1. On an iPhone, iPad or an iPod.
2. On a Mac or PC.

Exchanging a digital code on an iPhone, iPad or iPod:
1. Open the iTunes Store, App Store or the iBooks Store on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. The amount of your purchase will be linked to your Apple ID.
2. Scoll down on your screen, and click the “Exchange” button.
3. Login with your Apple ID.
4. Choose the option “you can fill-out the code manually”.
5. Fill-out the 16 digits of your iTunes code.
6. Choose the option “Exchange”.

Exchanging an iTunes code on a Mac or PC:
1. Open iTunes.
2. Select the option “Log in” and fill-out the information of your Apple ID, including the password.
3. Click on your name and choose “Exchange” in the options menu.
4. Fill-out your password.
5. Fill-out the 16 digits of your prepaid iTunes code.
6. Click “Exchange”.

iTunes prepaid card – How can I buy an iTunes redeem code?

iTunes prepaid codes you can buy quick, cheap and reliable in our web shop! Our web shop is open 24/7, so you can add credit to your iTunes account whenever you feel like it without any hassle. Immediately after finishing your order you get your iTunes code by e-mail. Afterwards you can immediately exchange your credit on your iTunes account. With the added credit you can immediately start purchasing products in one of the diverse Apple Stores.

Do you immediately want to buy an iTunes code? Please check our current range of products by clicking here