League of Legends – What is it?

League of Legends (.a.k.a. LoL) – Developed by Riot Games is a dynamic Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game which can only be played online. LOL is one of the most played games in the world. Numbers state that approximately more than one hundred million players play this game on a monthly bases. This e-sports game is most played by professionals on a worldwide scale during a multitude of different competitions.

League of Legends – Gameplay

League of Legends is played by two teams which both exist out of five players. Each and every team owns a so-called “Nexus”. The gameplay is pretty simple: The team which is able to conquer the Nexus of the other team is the winner!

By “farming” you can win pieces of gold which you can use in order to buy new items, e.g. swords or new skins. With these items you can upgrade your Champions or you can give your character a make-over.

League of Legends card – How can you use this card?

With a League of Legends card you can buy Riot Points. Riot Points  can be bought in different values of cards in our web shop. With these Riot Points you can buy Champions, icons, (war) skins, boosts and more…

Do you also want to boost your favourite  Champion? Than you need to buy a League of Legends Riot Points card with a credit of € 10,- or € 20,- and immediately receive 1580 or 3250 Riot Points with which you can immediately start upgrading your character.

Be aware! League of Legends are regionally organized. Do you have a EU account? Than you need to buy a EU LoL card. Do you have an American League of Legends account? Than you need to purchase an American card.

Exchanging a League of Legends code – How can I exchange a League of Legends code?

Immediately after finishing your purchase you will get your LoL code by e-mail, and immediately after you can transfer the credit you bought to your League of Legends account. You can do this by following the steps underneath:

1) Go to the LoL client, and open it by clicking on it. When you do not have a LoL account yet than you first need to subscribe on the web page signup.leagueoflegends.com.
2) Click on the “Store” button.
3) Click on the “Purchase RP” button.
4) Click on the option “Prepaid Cards” and fill-out the prepaid LoL code.
5) Click on “Submit” and your Riot Points will immediately be added to your account.

League of Legends prepaid credit – How can I buy a League of Legends card?

League of Legends cards you buy safe and quick in our web shop! Shopping online in our web shop is safe and easy:

1) Put the LoL you want to buy in your shopping cart.
2) Go to the payment screen.
3) Fill-out your name and e-mail address and accept the conditions.
4) Select a payment method with which you want to pay for your purchase.
5) Receive your League of Legends code immediately by e-mail.