Manual – changing your PSN Online-ID

Oh yes, the time has come; it is finally possible to change your PlayStation username! After having completed a successful test period, Sony is ready to give users the option to finally get rid of that embarrassing name that we created in 6th grade! The first name change is free, and if you would like to do so again it will cost PlayStation Plus members €4,99 and other users €9,99. If you were to regret your decision, it is always possible to return to your old name for free.

Possible issues that can occur

Unfortunately, the transition to a new PSN user ID is not (yet) flawless. PlayStation has announced that there are some problems that may occur after your PSN Online-ID has been changed. Not all games support the change and sadly some games might cause trouble. PlayStation has created a list of which problems you have to take into account here. The following problems can occur:

  • Your new ID is not visible for all players;
  • Progress saved in games might be lost;
  • Sharing your game might not work optimally;
  • Add-ons and in-game credits might be lost.

Of course, these are not things gamers want to experience. So make sure to read the list before you change your name!

How can I change my PSN Online-ID?

Naturally, you want to find out how you can change your old ID fluffymonster92 to something more mature. Read how you can change your ID on your PlayStation 4 and on the PlayStation website below:

PlayStation 4
1. Start up your PlayStation 4 and head over to Settings;
2. Go to Account management, then Account information, Profile and lastly Online-ID;
3. Read the terms and accept them;
4. Enter your chosen username or use of the suggestions;
5. If your name is available you can accept the change and use your new ID! 

PlayStation website
1. Head over to the PlayStation Store and log into your PlayStation account;
2. Click on your username and then on Account settings in the drop-down menu;
3. Select PSN profile and click on Edit to the right of your Online-ID;
4. Accept the terms and conditions;
5. Enter your new Online-ID or use one of the recommended and check the availability;
6. If your name is available you can accept the change.