Minecraft Gift Cards

Minecraft Gift Card

For EU accounts

€ 23,95

What’s a Minecraft Gift Card?

With this Minecraft Gift Card you can download the game Minecraft by using your Mojang account. 

How to redeem the Minecraft Card?

This Minecraft card can be redeemed on an existing or new Mojang account. Activate your code fast and reliable by following the steps below:

• Step 1: (if you do not have an account) create a Mojang account

• Step 2: Confirm and activate your new account with the e-mail you received from Minecraft

• Step 3: Select the option 'redeem cards/code’ on the Minecraft website

• Step 4: Choose a Minecraft username (for new users)

• Step 5: Download the Minecraft game


How to purchase the Minecraft Prepaid Card:

A Minecraft Card can be purchased online by following the steps beneath:

1. Place the Minecraft Card of 20 euro in the shopping cart

2. Go to the payment screen

3. Choose a payment method which you would like to use in order to pay the Minecraft Gift Card

4. Enter your name and your email address

5. Accept the terms and conditions

6. Receive the prepaid code immediately by e-mail and get started!