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Omerta - City of Gangsters: The Con Artist DLC

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A letter arrived today. The envelope was thick with the smell of a woman's perfume. It was an invitation, but not the invitation I expected. It was a call to take part in the "Greatest con of all time." Intrigued, I followed the message to one of the wealthiest parts of Atlantic City.

System requirements
Supported Operating Systems
Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP2) (64-Bit), Windows Vista (SP2) (32-Bit), Windows 7 (SP1)
Age category

 PEGI 16

This category is applicable whenever there are graphic images of violence and sexual activities which can be applied to real-life situations. From persons (youngsters) in this age category one can expect that they are aware of the reality whenever they hear profanity, but also when it comes down to tabacco and alcohol usage and criminal activities.

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