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In the overview below recently released PC game codes are outlined. Best seller games must haves!

Bestseller games for PC 

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PC games remain cool

On a regular bases several companies launch new iterations of their video game consoles, but there is one type of gaming platform that withstood the test of time, the PC and its portable brother, the laptop. Throughout the years video games became far more elaborate to make sure that one can play more on a PC than pixel games, e.g. Donkey Kong and Space Invaders, because nowadays PCs are full-fletched gaming devices, which are able to show a gamer better graphics than some consoles do, and that is the thing gamers demand these days.

Bestsellers à la mode

These days many video games are launched on consoles as well as on PCs, which broadens the range of the already huge video game library for PC games. One can also think about add-ons and DLCs when it comes down to PC games; one very well-known game in this add-on genre is of course World of Warcraft, a game which has been standing strong for somewhat more than over a decade now.


When buying a PC game make sure to buy a game which is compatible with the type of PC or laptop you own; of course it would be a great shame to buy a product which is not compatible.

PC or Mac

Make sure that you do not confuse your Mac from Apple with a regular laptop or PC; Mac games cannot be played on a PC or laptop, and vice versa. Apple likes to stick to the beat of their own drum when it comes down to their hardware and software, so take this into account!