Datum: 20-1-2017 

Xbox Live Gold Cards – When do you use this card?

With a Xbox Live Gold prepaid card you can prolong your Xbox Live Gold subscription. Xbox Live Gold cards can be bought in our web shop so you can make use of different types of subscriptions. We sell Xbox Live Gold cards which can be used for three months and Xbox Live Gold cards which can be used for 12 months.

With this Xbox Live Gold credit you can buy a new Xbox Live subscription or you can prolong your existing Xbox Live Gold subscription with 3 months or 12 months. You will immediately get access to all advantages of the Xbox Live Network.

Xbox Live Gold cards – How can I use these types of cards?

Xbox Live Gold cards are needed to login to Xbox Live, the Live network of Xbox.

With a Xbox Live Gold subscription you cannot only play online games, but you can also engage in multiplayer action, but also benefit from the many other advantages the Live network has to offer. Get free games, play exclusive new game trailers and play demos, and receive interesting membership discounts, but you will also get free-to-play games…

Immediately after finishing your order you will receive your Xbox Live Gold prepaid code by e-mail. Our web shop is open 24/7, so you can always prolong your membership whenever it suits you. Receive your Xbox prepaid code by e-mail, activate your redeem code and you can immediately start shopping!

Exchanging your Xbox Live Gold card – How can I activate my redeem code on my Xbox One?

1. When on your Xbox One go to “Store” and select “Use a code”.
2. Login to your Xbox-account.
3. Select “Or enter the 25 character code” and fill-out your Xbox Live Gold code.

Activating your Xbox Live Gold code – How to exchange your Xbox activation code on my Xbox 360?

1. Login to the Xbox account you want to exchange your code on.
2. Click the “Guide” button on your controller.
3. Select “Games & Apps” and afterwards push the button “Redeem code”.
4. Fill-out the code which consists out of the 25 digits of the redeem code and click “Done”.
5. Click “Yes” to permanently confirm the code.

Do you want to activate your Xbox Live Gold redeem code on the Xbox Live website or on your PC or tablet? Read the guide by clicking here. In the guide your will find an explanation on how to exchange your Xbox Live Gold code.

Xbox Live Gold prepaid card – How can I buy a redeem code online?
Did you get convinced of the advantages of an Xbox Live membership? Buy a Xbox Live Gold activation code in our web shop! Click here, buy a Xbox Live code and receive the code quick and safe by e-mail.