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A new way of making safe purchases

Not linked to a bank account, no worries about unsafe purchases and always able to pay anywhere. Insured and safe. This is possible with the BITSA card.

Transfer money, withdraw cash from an ATM and buy online or in a shop. You can top-up this Visa card with a prepaid credit card, available at Gamecardsdirect.

Buy securely online with a Bitsa prepaid credit card

With Bitsa you can easily and in no time apply for a credit card. Bitsa card is a prepaid Visa card, you don't need a bank account to apply for this plastic or virtual credit card. You only need prepaid credit to use your card.

BITSA offers both physical and virtual credit cards. You can apply for them for free and they are just like a regular Visa card. As long as you have your BITSA card, you can put credit on it. Handy, right? You can purchase different prepaid values directly from Gamecards. Choose from:

Pick a value and receive it immediately after payment. You will receive a code via email which you can then use for your BITSA card. When you buy something with a credit card, you are insured, too! So you can safely make purchases both online and offline.

Purchase a prepaid credit card free via BITSA

BITSA card can be requested free of charge. Request your virtual or physical card via BITSA. The card can be used worldwide, both online and offline. Do you like to travel, but regularly have problems paying abroad because you don't have a credit card? Then this credit card from BITSA is the ideal solution for you.

Easily keep an eye on your finances with BITSA

Top up your BITSA card with a credit card or blockchain tokens. You can even withdraw money from the ATM with this card or pay in shops with your PIN code. Transfer money via SEPA transfers from your BITSA account to any other IBAN.

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