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Facebook Game Card €20

€ 20,00
  • Play Farmville, Candy Crush or Angry Birds
  • Buy games, in-game items and apps in the Facebook App Center
  • Purchase new items in your Facebook Games!
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  • Get a €10 Facebook Game Card delivered instantly.
  • Increase your Facebook account with 20 euro credit.
  • Get new games, apps, add-ons and so much more.
  • Pay using i.e. iDEAL or MisterCash and get your order right away.
  • This card can be exchanged up to 1 year after purchase.

Facebook Game Card – what is it?

Facebook has become such a part of contemporary life that not having Facebook in your life is almost unthinkable. It is used by everyone, young and old, to follow friends, family, old classmates, sharing news items, photos, recipes, playing games and so much more. The Facebook Game Card can be used to add credit to your account. You can then use this credit to buy items, games and apps in the Facebook App Center. Get Farmville cash, Candy Crush candies or Angry Birds diamonds to up your game. Purchase a 20 euro Facebook Game Card and increase your credit to start playing right away!

Facebook App Center – where do I find it?

The Facebook App Center can be found in several ways. The easiest ways are to select ‘Games’ in the left side menu on your Facebook homepage or to search ‘App Center’ in the search bar.

Facebook Game Card – how do I buy one?

Buying a Facebook Game Card can be done in our webshop in a quick and simple manner! Placing your order is really easy:

  1. Add the €20 Facebook Game Card to your shopping cart and continue to pay for the product;
  2. Enter your personal data and choose a payment method. Your code will be sent to you via email right after completion! Easy, right?

Facebook Game Card – how do I exchange my €20 credit?

You can easily exchange the €20 credit onto your account. Adding this credit is really simple:

  1. Go to;
  2. Log in and enter the registration code you have received via email;
  3. Choose the right currency (Euro) and your Facebook credit will be increased instantly!
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