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    Assemble your dream team in FIFA 20 with the help of FIFA Points! Ordering these points in our webshop is easy.

    FIFA Points

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Create your dream team with FIFA Points

FIFA Points are the currency used in FIFA 17, 18, 19 and 20. You can use these points in the FIFA Ultimate Team game mode. With FIFA Points you can create a team with your favourite players.

FIFA Points can be earned by winning matches and scoring goals. Are you still a newbie and finding it difficult to get good scores? No worries, there is another way to get better results. Buy FIFA Points in our webshop in a safe, easy and quick manner and assemble your own team with skilled players. It is much more fun to immediately put your favourite players forward, right?

Purchasing FIFA Points for EA Origin

You need FIFA Points to buy EA Origin credit. This credit can easily be added with EA Origin Gift Cards. You can purchase these gift cards from Gamecardsdirect anytime, anywhere. Choose the number of FIFA Points you would like and purchase the corresponding EA Origin Gift Card by adding it to your shopping cart. When you have completed the payment process, the redeem code will be sent to your email address right away.

Tip: check the upper left corner of your screen in the Ultimate Team menu to see how many FIFA Points you already have. In the FUT app your balance will be in the upper right corner.

Transferring FIFA Points to FIFA 20

It is possible to transfer FIFA Points collected in FIFA 19 to FIFA 20. Start up FIFA 20 on the same console you have FIFA 19 and log in. You will get a pop-up notification asking you if you would like to transfer your FIFA Points, after which they will be visible in the FUT Web App or mobile Companion App. FUT Coins, club items and transfer market items can unfortunately not be transferred from FIFA 19 to FIFA 20.

How many FIFA Points can I buy from Gamecardsdirect?

You can purchase FIFA Points starting at only €0,99! You can buy various number of points in our webshop, ranging from 100 to 12.000 FIFA Points. Choose the amount that suits your needs!


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