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    Do you want to bring out the best in every player and assemble your dream team?

    Enhance your FIFA experience with FIFA Points!

    FIFA Points

FIFA Points PlayStation

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FIFA Points for PlayStation

Assemble your ultimate team with FIFA Points!

Are you a fan of football and the FIFA game franchise? Do you want to bring out the best in every player and assemble your dream team? You can of course keep playing until you a have earned enough FIFA Points to enhance your FIFA experience, but you can also choose to buy FIFA Points from us! The PSN Cards that we sell are compatible with FIFA 19. Buy them now and you are ready to take on any FUT challenge!

What are FIFA Points?

FIFA Points is the currency used in FIFA Ultimate Team to buy in-game player packs and draft tokens. If you would like to know how many FIFA Points you currently have, go to the Ultimate Team menu and the amount will be written in the top left corner of your screen. When using the web app, the amount will be visible in the top right corner instead.

Overview FIFA Points / How can you converse FIFA Points?

You can see how much PSN Card credits equals FIFA Points in the table below. With €20 worth of credit with a PSN Card you can buy 4 x 500, 2 x 1050 or 1 x 2200 FIFA Points.

In case the table is not displayed correctly, you can see the same overview below:
500 FIFA Points = € 4,99
750 FIFA Points = € 7,49
1050 FIFA Points = € 9,99
1600 FIFA Points = € 14,99
2200 FIFA Points = € 19,99
4600 FIFA Points = € 39,99, buy 2 PSN Cards of 20 euro
12000 FIFA Points = € 99,99 buy 2 PSN Cards of 50 euro

Is it possible to transfer points from FIFA 18 to FIFA 19?

Yes, it is possible to transfer points acquired in FIFA 18 to FIFA 19! Log into your PlayStation account on FIFA 19 to transfer the FIFA Points. These points will once again become available on the FUT Web App or mobile Companion App. When logging in for the first time, you will get a pop-up giving you the option to transfer your FIFA points. You can only transfer your FIFA points on the same console.

What cannot be transferred?

The following 3 items or coins cannot be transferred from FIFA 18 to FIFA 19:

  • FUT Coins
  • Club items
  • Transfer Market items

How can you buy FIFA Points for the PlayStation?

In order to buy FIFA Points for FIFA 19, you need PlayStation Store credit. At Gamecardsdirect you can order FIFA Points 24/7. Add the preferred Xbox Gift Card to your shopping cart and enter the required information. Pay for your order and you will immediately receive the activation code per email. These points are not sold in the FUT Web App or Companion App.

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