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  • Minecraft Realms Plus

    With the Minecraft Realms Plus subscription you can host your very own Minecraft world and manage it as you like. Get access to over 150 Marketplace items, with new additions every months. For Xbox and PC.

    Minecraft Realms Plus

Minecraft Realms Plus PC

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Minecraft Realms Plus 3 Month Subscription

€ 19,99
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Minecraft Realms Plus 6 Month Subscription

€ 37,99

Minecraft Realms Plus PC Subscription: Discover The Best-Selling Game of All Time!

Minecraft is a game that needs little introduction. Created by a single man, it is the best-selling video game of all time and is universally beloved for its addictive mining and crafting gameplay. In Minecraft’s survival mode, the player is thrust into a world made of cubes in which they must learn to survive and defeat the monsters that come out in the night. Alternatively in creative mode, players build whatever they want and just have fun.

What’s Minecraft Realms?

In short, Minecraft Realms is a way to set up a server with ease! One of the most difficult things in the past for Minecraft players was servers. Minecraft Realms makes it so creating a server is as easy as clicking a few buttons. Gone are the days when players had to download server clients and jump through hoops just to play with friends. Minecraft Realms has transformed servers into something incredibly simple. All you have to do is buy this gift card and use it on and you’re good to go. You can buy a Minecraft Realms gift code for either 3 or 6 months.

Play With Your Friends!

This Minecraft Realms Plus PC Subscription gift card simply allows you or a friend to play with whoever you want on your own server, where you can build a world together and have endless fun.

Minecraft is a game that is better played with friends than alone. What is the point of building your Minecraft worlds if there is nobody there to visit them?

Features of Minecraft Realms Plus

  • A Minecraft Realms Plus PC subscription grants access to a curated catalogue of 150+ marketplace items, from community-made skin packs to hand-crafted worlds and mini games.
  • Access new monthly content for 3 months.
  • Invite all of your friends to your Realm and play with up to 10 of them at a time. Your friends can access all of the content in your realm!
  • Play locally or in a private, persistent world, stored in the cloud.
  • Access your content and play on your favourite platform (console, mobile, PC or VR) (after you activate).
  • This gift code can be used on both Xbox and Windows 10.

How Do I Buy This Subscription?

A Minecraft Realms Plus Subscription for PC can be purchased with a wide variety of payment methods right here at Gamecardsdirect, the one-stop gift card shop. We are an official supplier of Microsoft. A gift code will be instantly emailed to you, which can be redeemed or gifted to a friend.

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