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Mobile payments via 0906

Easy phone payments via 0906-729 0027

Almost anyone has a phone with them these days. To be honest, we cannot really live without them anymore! It is no secret that most of us do everything by phone, from communicating with friends to shopping online. Because almost anything that can be done on a computer or laptop, can also be done on a smartphone nowadays. Mobile payments make your online shopping experience so much easier. On this page you can read how you can use your phone to complete payments at Gamecardsdirect. This way, you can get your Paysafecard, PlayStation Network Card, or any other game and gift card in your inbox in just a few minutes using your phone!

Why should I pay with my phone at Gamecardsdirect?

Paying for products with your mobile phone in our webshop makes online shopping so much easier. You can now order and receive a prepaid voucher in no-time no matter where you are. You do not need a laptop or computer! With this payment method, you pay using your phone credit. For that reason, we do not need your bank details. So do you want to order a gift card quick and easy, but do not have a PC (near your)? Choose for the option; Mobile payments!

How can I make mobile payments via 0906

Making payments with your mobile phone via 0906-729 0027 is really easy. Follow the steps below to order a digital gift card quickly:

  1. Fill up your shopping cart with the products you want;
  2. Enter your name and email address so we know whom to send the code to;
  3. Continue to the check-out and select Mobile payment as the payment method;
  4. You will now be transferred to a safe payment environment;
  5. Use your phone to call the number as explained on the page;
  6. Enter the code you received;
  7. The connection will be cut off as soon as the payment has been completed;

The code will be sent to your via email right after successful payment. Have fun!

What can I do when an unauthorised payment has been completed with my phone?

Unfortunately, there are instances that a mobile payment has been unlawfully completed with your phone bill. Have you noticed a completed payment that you do not recognise? You can contact our customer support and request the details of the payment. We will be happy to help you find out the cause of the problem!

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