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Party games

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Perfect Universe

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Party games

What are party games?

Party games are pretty much as the words already explain; games that are great for a party! And even if you are not having a party, you can turn any gathering with friends, family or even strangers into one. Most party games can be played with 4 players, sometimes even more, both offline or online. They are usually designed as intuitive and easy to control and are often made up of minigames. Some party games also require the participants to form teams and compete against each other.

Although party games are traditionally board games, the digital variant has grown in popularity over time. Nowadays, most households own a console or PC and play games like Mario Party, Overcooked and Rocket League. All in all, party games are great for any occasion!

Play with gravity in Perfect Universe

If you are looking for a fun party game that can have up to 4 local players, Perfect Universe is a good choice! This indie game has 9 gravity inspired games including 3 that you can play by yourself, and 6 hilarious multiplayer modes that you can play with your friends. It will have you at the edge of your seats as your skills are tested to the limit. When you purchase Perfect Universe, you will receive a Steam game key.

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Purchasing a game code from Gamecardsdirect is really easy. The digital redeem code will be sent to you via email instantly once the payment has been completed. You can choose from a large offer of payment methods, such as iDEAL, PayPal, credit card, using your phone and by bank transfer. Do you need help placing your order? Then follow the steps below:

  1. Add the party game of choice to your shopping cart;
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  3. Complete the order and the Steam code will be sent to your email address right away. You can now redeem the code on Steam!
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