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PlayStation Now

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PlayStation Now

600+ games all in one spot with PlayStation Now

Are you as a PlayStation owner already familiar with PlayStation Now? This is a collection of games that keeps on expanding with hundreds of games that you can stream and play directly onto your PS4 or PC. With a streaming subscription, you can discover even more games that you might not have come across. As a gamer, you get unlimited access to hundreds of PlayStation games that are instantly available to play without having to purchase them separately. This saves time, money and effort, because purchasing a PS Now subscription is super simple!

Unlimited gaming for a fixed price

With a PlayStation Now subscription, you can enjoy playing all the games that are available in the game library. There are more than 600 games to discover, so there is always plenty to do! PS Now offers an expansive collection that is expanded every month with PS4, PS3 and PS2 games. These games can be streamed onto your console or PC right away.

Relive games from the old days, discover hidden gems in the indie games section and play the most popular blockbusters. You can also play PlayStation exclusives with PS Now, like The Last of Us, Until Dawn, God of War 3 Remastered and Bloodborne. On top of all that, PlayStation Now offers you the possibility to play these exclusive PS games on your Windows pc using an app!

A PlayStation Now subscription can be enjoyed by the whole family. There are plenty of creative and hilarious games for young and old in the PS Now library, such as LEGO games, city builders and simulators.

Get a PlayStation Now subscription easy and quick

Purchasing a PlayStation Now subscription is really simple. All you need is PlayStation store credit to increase your account balance and use as a payment method. You can add new credit in just a few minutes with a PlayStation Network Card from Gamecardsdirect. Below you can see how much a subscription costs and which PlayStation Network Card you will need:

  • 1 month = €9,99
  • 1 quarter = €24,99
  • 1 year = €59,99 (almost half of the monthly price!)
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