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    Play with your friends in the online multiplayer server of Star Wars: The Old Republic with a timecard!

    Star Wars<br> Time Card

Star Wars Time Cards

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Star Wars: The Old Republic Time Card 60 days

€ 30,00

What is Stars Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic, also known as T.O.R., is a MMORPG set in an age thousands of years before the rise of Darth Vader, when the war between the Old Republic and the Sith Empire ripped apart the Milky Way. In this game you experience adventures as Jedi, Sith or one of the other classic characters from Star Wars. Experience their personal story and determine how they will follow their path in The Force. You will make the decision between the Light Side and the Dark Side. Based on your actions, you will meet heroes who want to fight with you or will betray you. You can play the online Star Wars game with friends and other online players and complete missions together.

What is a Star Wars: T.O.R. Time Card?

A Star Wars: The Old Republic Time Card gives you access to the online server of this game for a specific number of days. Become your own hero in the Star Wars sage in the huge online multiplayer game with captivating background stories. To use this time card you need to own the Star Wars: The Old Republic game.

How do I buy a Star Wars: T.O.R. Time Card?

Purchasing a Star Wars Time Card is really easy in the webshop of Gamecardsdirect:

  1. Add the time card to your shopping basket;;
  2. Enter your personal information and accept our terms and conditions;
  3. Select one of our many payment methods;
  4. Receive your redeem code per email right after purchase!

How do I redeem my time card?

Redeeming a Star Wars: The Old Republic Time Card goes as follows:

  1. Start the game Star Wars: The Old Republic or go to to create an account;
  2. Click on “Redeem Code” under My SWTOR;
  3. Log in using your SWTOR account;
  4. Enter the code and hit “Submit”. You can now start the online multiplayer game mode of Star Wars!
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