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Survival games

What are survival games?

Survival games are games that have the main focus on a survival element. The element of survival can be used in various ways in video games. In general, it illustrates the setting of a hostile, open-world environment in which the player starts with little supplies and has to gather as many items as possible to survive. Elements like crafting and collecting resources are prominent in this type of game. Basically, the objective is to do anything that is necessary to survive.

What are some of the subgenres of survival games?

‘Survival’ is in itself a subgenre of action video games, which is why most survival games are labelled as ‘action-adventures survival’. A good example of this genre is Metal Gear Survive. Survival games can also be divided into subgenres. One popular example is Battle Royale. You have probably heard of the genre from games like Fortnite and PUBG, and the genre is still expanding. A battle royale game combines the elements of surviving, exploring and scavenging with the gameplay of ‘last man standing’. They usually start with a large group of players that will all have to compete against each other.

Another example of a subgenre is horror survival. In these games, the main goal is to escape any threats like zombies or supernatural creatures. This genre is mostly based on horror movies using typical settings such as dark rooms, jump scares and scary enemies. The first time the term survival horror was used to describe a game, it was for the original Japanese edition of Resident Evil. Other popular games are Five Nights at Freddy’s, Alone in the Dark, Until Dawn and The Evil Within.

What is the history of the survival game?

The first survival game dates back to 1992 when the game UnReal World was released by a small Finnish video game production company. The game lacked a real plot (a thing that has become a requirement for the modern day gamer) and focused on the crafting and collecting elements. The game was very well received because of its realistic and challenging nature and many survival games followed suit. In 2009, the survival genre gained even more recognition because of Minecraft, a game in which the players create the world they play in themselves using blocks.

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