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The Stretchers

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The Stretchers for the Nintendo Switch. Gamecards Direct is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all your digital games and gift cards. All our products are fully authorized and offered with the full support of the publisher or developer. Would you like to order this product? Select one of our many payment methods and after your payment you will receive direct the digital code in your email.

Nintendo Switch Game Genre

Each game has a genre and usually a number of subgenres, so you know what to expect from the game. The Stretchers for the Nintendo Switch contains the following elements:


Puzzle games are for people who love solving things. Finding out the right combination or combo to stop the time from ticking. Leave those crossword puzzles at home! Here you have something better to crack your brain on. You know what they say, "You just have to think logically and then you'll see the answer right away." Let's see how good you are at solving complex puzzles.

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  • Format: Digital code;
  • Publisher: Nintendo;
  • Type: Download code delivered by e-mail;
  • valid for: Switch.

Dash across the map and rescue wobbly citizens in wacky ways in The Stretchers! Team up with a friend and let the frantic fun ensue as you avoid traps and solve puzzles while helping those who need a hand!

Rescue injured civilians, known as Dizzies, from all kinds of bizarre situations! Drive to each scene in your ambulance – but be prepared, it won’t be a smooth ride. Break through walls, soar through the sky and face other wild perils on your way to each rescue!

Redeem instructions

Nintendo Switch Game download:

  1. Navigate to Nintendo eShop from the HOME Menu on your Nintendo Switch.
  2. Click on MENU.
  3. Please then choose DOWNLOADCODE INSERT.
  4. enter the download code of sixteen characters and confirm with OKÉ.

You're done, the game will now be downloaded to your Nintendo Switch Console. The download time can vary and depends on your internet connection.


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