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  • VVV Dinercheque

    Go out for the evening to a bistro or Michelin star restaurant with a VVV Dinercheque, anywhere in the Netherlands! Choose from over 2200 restaurants and enjoy your meal with friends and family.

    VVV Dinercheque

VVV Dinercheques

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VVV Dinercheque

What is the VVV Dinercheque?

The VVV Dinercheque is a gift card that you can use to pay for your meal at many restaurants and eateries. The prepaid card from VVV has the largest selection of restaurants to choose from, with over 2.200 locations that you can visit for a lovely meal with the VVV Dinercheque. Go to a bistro or a Michelin starred restaurant anywhere in the Netherlands, the choice is yours.

Where can I redeem the VVV Dinercheque?

The VVV Dinercheque can be redeemed at many types of restaurants in the Netherlands. In our webshop, you can purchase a dining gift card with a 50 euro value. The credit on your card remains valid, so you can always spend the remaining credit at your next restaurant visit. You can spend the prepaid card on a restaurant in i.e. Rotterdam, Utrecht, Amsterdam or Maastricht. Are you away in the south for a weekend? Check out the VVV Dinercheque website for all the great restaurants that are near to your stay. Or give the VVV Dinercheque to someone as a present!

Is the remaining credit on my VVV Dinercheque still valid?

The remaining credit on your VVV Dinercheque remains valid for the next use. You can use the card until all the credit on your gift card has been spent. Please note that the credit on this card, in comparison to the other gift cards, is valid for 3 years after the date of purchase. If there is not enough credit left to pay for the bill, you can pay for the rest with another payment method.

How can I check the credit left on my gift card?

You can check how much credit is left on your VVV Dinercheque by checking your balance on Enter the 19-digit card number and the 6-digit pin code in the correct fields. The credit of your prepaid card will be visible on your screen right away.

Purchasing a VVV Dinercheque from Gamecardsdirect

Purchasing a VVV Dinercheque in the webshop of Gamecardsdirect is really easy, quick and safe. Our digital gift card delivery makes it possible to purchase a VVV Dinercheque 24/7. Add the gift card to your shopping cart, pay for the product(s) and the redeem code will be sent to your email address right away! You can then use the VVV Dinercheque as the payment method at a restaurant of choice.

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