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    Gift Card

    Plan a last-minute holiday with a VVV Lekkerweg Gift Card! Visit a place in Europe and pay for your stay.

    VVV Lekkerweg <br>Gift Card

VVV Lekkerweg Gift Cards

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VVV Lekkerweg Gift Card €10

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VVV Lekkerweg Gift Cards

What is a VVV Lekkerweg Gift Card?

The VVV Lekkerweg Gift Card is a gift card that can be used to book a holiday in the Netherlands or any other European country. Surprise someone with a prepaid holiday gift card or use it to treat yourself to a few days away. The cardholder can plan a great outing with a VVV Lekkerweg Gift Card! The credit on the card can be used as a payment method for your stay at a B&B, hotel or other type of accommodation in Europe.

Where can I redeem a prepaid VVV Lekkerweg card?

The VVV Lekkerweg Gift Card can be redeemed at various accommodations in Europe. Book a night away in Paris, head to the Veluwe for the weekend or shop till you drop in London! Look at all the locations you can visit with the VVV Lekkerweg Gift Card on

What happens to the remaining credit on your Lekkerweg gift card?

The remaining credit on your VVV Lekkerweg Gift Card can be spent on your next holiday or outing. The card can be used in several instalments, so you do not have to spend it all in one go. The credit on this card is valid for 5 years, meaning you have plenty of time to plan out your next holiday with VVV Lekkerweg.

How can I find out how much credit I have on my gift card?

You can see how much credit you have on your gift card by checking your balance on Enter the 19-digit card number and the 6-digit pin code on the website to see how much is on your card. The amount will appear on your screen after entering the codes.

You can purchase several VVV Lekkerweg Gift Cards with different values at Gamecardsdirect. The following gift cards can be purchased:

Choose the amount you need or would like to gift someone and receive the code in your mailbox right after payment!

Purchasing a VVV Lekkerweg Gift Card

The VVV Lekkerweg Gift Card can be purchased in the webshop of Gamecardsdirect in an easy and quick manner. As our gift cards are delivered digitally, you can get your VVV Lekkerweg card 24/7. Add the prepaid card to your shopping cart, pay for your order and receive the redeem code per email immediately! You are then ready to spend the VVV Lekkerweg Gift Card as the payment method at the chosen accommodation.

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