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DiRT 4

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January 2017 a game news article informed gamers all over the world that there will be a fourth DiRT race game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The release date of DiRT 4 was June 9th 2017, and this time around this game will be full of realistic graphics and gameplay, next to an overload of extra content, goodies, downloadables and unlockables.

DiRT, DiRTier, DiRTiest

Over the years we became used to the fact that the DiRT-franchise has a great variety of racing modes, but also great race tracks and the option to pimp your own ride. These features will all return in DiRT 4.

DiRT 4 has a full and elaborate FIA World Rallycross Championship license, so gamers can race on world-famous race tracks, e.g. Lohéac Brittany, Hell, Holjes & Lydden Hill. It is also possible to race more traditional routes, like tracks in Australia, Spain and Sweden.

DiRT History

Dirt 4 car

The last release of a DiRT game was approximately six years ago, when DiRT 3 hit the shelves, but during this period a couple of DiRT spin-offs were released, e.g. DiRT Rally; this game put a great emphasis on realistic graphics and gameplay, two things which are also included in DiRT4.

Dirt 4 car


A novelty in the fourth DiRT instalment is the “Your Stage” system. With this new system, you can create your own race track, and make them up to your personal standards of racing. The Your Stage system will also automatically enhance the difficulty level of your self-made race track based on your own skills.

Another new feature in DiRT 4 is the joyride mode during which racing experts can race in different game settings on different continents. During these races, you have to complete different missions to finish as the winner of large-scale race battles.

Next to classic rallies you can also race with cool well-balanced buggies and for the real redneck rampage type of gamers it is also possible to drive trophy trucks.

Game editions

DiRT 4 will have different editions when the game will be released on June 9 2017. There will be a DiRT® 4™ Day One Edition, which includes an exclusive race car, the Hyundai R5 rally car and this edition also includes an exclusive race event. There will also be a Special Edition of DiRT 4 which will include all the Day One content, but also a Team Booster Pack with unique features to assemble your own personal team. The third version entails a Steel Book version of the DiRT 4 game with all Day One content, with an illustrated steel case cover.
Source: DiRT

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