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Fifa 18 logo
FIFA 18 is the soccer game that is played by the top sportsmen of the professional soccer world, like Christiano Ronaldo, who is featured on the cover of the game cases of FIFA 18; by doing so it becomes clear that FIFA 18 is the benchmark for all soccer games which come out. In this new edition of the FIFA games engineers scanned Ronaldo’s performance and way of moving over the soccer field during an exclusive sports session with this master of soccer. The captions have been made in a mobile Electronic Arts (EA) studio in the Spanish capital city Madrid. During this session EA engineers made captions of Ronaldo’s running rhythm, accelerations, skills and ball-shooting techniques. By doing so, Ronaldo becomes a living and breathing character in FIFA 18, which gives this EA title more depth, and it makes the game feel like you are actually playing soccer rather than merely a video game.

Realistic top athletes

FIFA 18 is programmed on the Frostbite Game Engine (except for the Nintendo Switch version of the game); by using this game engine FIFA 18 comes alive and you get the idea of being involved in a game that is based on life itself. The most important addition to FIFA 18 is the use of movement technology to make the didgital players move as natural as they possibly can. EA Games developed a fully new animation system, with which the reactions and the personality of the different playable characters becomes very natural and smooth. Christiano Ronaldo and other players feel like actual players, and not just mere 2D animations of their real-life counterparts.

The way the soccer players can be controlled in combination with all the possible new team player styles and position possibilities will give players of FIFA 18 the feeling of really being involved in this game. The game mode ‘The World’s Game’ takes players of FIFA 18 on a journey all over the world during which one of the most beloved sports of the world is the main focus point and during which you can play as one of your favourite soccer players, like Ronaldo, but also other European top players, and also legendary soccer players like Ronaldo Nazário.
Fifa 18 Ronaldo

Bring on the drama

FIFA 18 makes use of new movements and animations, and because the choices which were made when it comes down to the graphics and design of FIFA 18 this game becomes more dramatic, thrilling and engaging, FIFA knows how to capture the feel of an actual soccer game. Next to this, there is a new way of dribbling with the ball, and a new way of handling the ball in the sixteen meter zone. In the middle or close to the second pole given ball passes will be quicker and smoother than in any other FIFA game ever before.

Original tactics style

New team player modes guarantee tactical styles of world clubs to make each and every world club come alive, and because of the way you can position your players in FIFA 18 you get more time and space to act with a tactical move. There are upgraded soccer techniques which are optional to you as a player of FIFA 18. There are also upgraded tactics for players who would like to use somewhat more aggressive movement actions, because these can ensure consistent ball access.
Fifa 18 field
Fifa 18 Ronaldo

Great setting

FIFA 18 is overall well-thought through, features are extensive, but easy to use for people who play FIFA for the first time, but also for hardcore gamers who have a long-term fan connection with the franchise. The graphics are nothing less than sublime in FIFA 18, sun is shining, there is off-field activity, there are flags and banners waving in the crowd, and EA even thought about the quality of the grass on the soccer field. In FIFA 18 the whole game is focused on engaging its players to become one with the game. Even the crowd is cheering your name whenever you dribble the ball around the field.
Fifa 18 Hunter

Hunter is back!

The most important addition to the game in 2017 was FIFA’s story mode in which you would play as a stray boy who was able to become one of the great soccer players of his time. This story mode was a great addition to the FIFA games, because in 2018 this game mode returns and it has even been upgraded this year. The new name of the story mode is ‘The Journey: Hunter’. The star player of the story mode, named Hunter, is now a huge star in professional soccer, and after his first steps into the Premier League Hunter gets more acknowledgements and offers from soccer clubs all over the world. Hunter feels that he is ready for a bright future, but life on the top is lonely and full of challenging perils…
The story mode of FIFA 18 has many different elements, e.g. a tour through the world of professional soccer, short-term goals which are presented to the players of the game in different chapters, a cast of the greatest stars in soccer history, like Ronaldo and Nazário; you can also make decisions which will change Hunter’s life drastically, you can change the appearance of Hunter himself, there is a multiplayer gaming option and there are new playable characters.

Release date

FIFA 18 was released on September 29 2017 for PlayStation 3 and 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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