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Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport logo
Experience the excitement of the car raing sport in Gran Turismo Sport, because this game comes to PlayStation 4 for the first time ever, and by doing so it does a great attempt to remain the best of the best in the race game genre. Expect breath-taking race tracks and a rush of adrenaline through the head!

Gran Turismo Sport is developed for rookies and veterans alike. The FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) and Polyphony Digital did their utmost in order to make this edition of Gran Turismo as accessible as they possibly could, without losing the actual challenging parts of this race game. In Gran Turismo you can play two types of online races in a tournament mode. Next to this you can represent your own country in a cup race and you can race in a car out of your favourite car brand in a special Brands Cup.
GT sport Mercedes

Flashy race cars

Especially for Gran Turismo Sport 150 race cars are programmed in detail, but you can also race with regular passenger cars. GT Sport raises the bar when it comes down to its graphics, and this time the development team of this game has really outdone themselves looking at the enormously high details they put into the graphics of his GT game. The race environments and the cars look absolutely amazing, from the corners of all the race tracks until the headlights of the race cars. The detailing is out of this world!

The coolest race tracks

You can race on a variety of highly detailed race tracks; there are 17 locations, and the tracks have 28 different lay-outs; from oval race tracks to a race track that intersects a freeway that runs through a city. Next to this there are race tracks that are known on a worldwide scale and there are unpaved tracks that cross areas which are rich in forests. There is something for everyone in Gran Turismo Sport! The developer even thought about changes in driving style when the day progresses from day into night, and how weather conditions effect your car and a race as a whole.

Realistic race experience

Even the developers of the game say that this is their best game yet, because this game has a perfect balance between a realistic race experience and realistic control over the race cars gamers can race with. When one looks at the level of realism and being at ease in the race car of your choice one has to mention that the developers team of GT Sport has focused on race cars that are used during the 24 Hours of Nürburgring and the LMP1-class during the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Gran Turismo Sport has a new physics simulator that provides gamers with the most realistic racing experience ever. The physics simulator is based on virtual and actual knowledge of the race cars and tracks, which makes the whole game as realistic as possible.
GT sport Weather

GT Sport is for everyone!

Gran Turismo Sport is meant for gamers of all levels. In the settings screen you can choose whether you want to get help with the brakes and steering, and because of this you can also enjoy Gran Turismo when you’re just a Gran Turismo rookie. Needless to say that you can turn these features of at will.

New audio techniques

The developers of Gran Turismo Sport have done everything in their power to make this game as attractive as possible for all gamers, even the development of the sound effects has been an ecstatic progress. Each and every detail is audible in this game from the motors of the vehicles up to the wind that blows passed the car. For this game audio developers actually put cars on a roller test stand to record every sound of the specific cars meticulously. Even the abilities of a human ear were taken into consideration by optimizing all game audio especially for Gran Turismo Sport.
GT Sport Mission Challenge

Your way to the finish

In GT Sport there are 4 sections where you learn how to race in this game in a friendly and helpful way, this is the Campaign Mode of GT Sport. In this mode you get to learn skills and traffic etiquettes that you need in order to win the races you compete in. You go through this Campaign Mode by taking individual steps in order to get used to the skills you need for Gran Turismo Sport. Each and every mission is accompanied by an instruction video.

Arcade, lobby and sport

You can customize races by turning on or off a variety of game settings. There are two types of game modes, of which one is the Arcade Mode; in this mode you can race to get the past times and you can also race against the computer or console, this mode has been improved drastically based on the previous outings of the Gran Turismo franchise. This mode is also playable on PlayStation VR. You can also start a lobby online, you can invite friends and race against each other in a game setting of your choice. There is also the option to turn your race into a social event and you can race in game modes your lobby members came up with. In the Sport Mode GT gamers get matched with each other based on skills, levels and status, and because of this a whole community of virtual racers comes to being.

Auto encyclopaedia

In the Auto World Mode of Gran Turismo Sport you can discover all sorts of trivia about the cars that are in the game. You can buy virtual cars in the Auto World Mode, but next to this you get a lot of information about the race cars. There are also videos about all race car producers included.

Sticker profusion

Like you might already know you can customize your race car elaborately in Gran Turismo Sport, in this case by the use of car stickers. The sticker editor of GT Sport gives you full freedom when it concerns the use of stickers on your car. You can even share your self-made virtual stickers with other gamers.

Social racing

Gran Turismo Sport adds a great deal of social racing tot his specific game genre, e.g. you can start an image gallery about all self-made content in the game, and there is a timeline on which you can post your messages. Next to this, there is a playback mode, you can share pictures and you can share your custom-made car stickers online. This social media platform is reachable through, but also through the dedicated app of Gran Turismo Sport.
GT Sport Social Racing
Gran Turismo Sport VR

Virtual Reality

For the first time in Gran Turismo history you can also play this game by making use of virtual reality. In this mode you can turn 360 degrees, and you can really become part of the racing experience. Owners of a PlayStation VR hardware set can make use of this mode to enjoy Gran Turismo Sport to the fullest

Gran Turismo Sport was released on PlayStation 4 on the 17th of October 2017.
Source: PlayStation Europe

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