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Fortnite Logos
You might remember it from your childhood, your favourite thing to do might have been to build fortresses or castles in your own room, in the garden or in a forest, maybe you even wanted to build a headquarter of sorts. The game Fort nite digs into that feeling of wanting to build a fictitious fortress that you can protect against enemies. In this regard Fortnite is very recognizable, noastalgic, and above all very cool! Fornite is a colourful, cartoony game with two different game modes, meaning that there is something for everyone in this game!

Based on a Japanese movie franchise

The Battle Royale mode of Fortnite is greatly based on the cruel Japanese film franchise with the same name, “Battle Royale”; in these films a group of troubled scholars that act out in society are dropped on an island with the intention to kill each other, so that peace can be restored to Japanese society. The immensely popular game “PlayerUnknown’s Battleground” was the first game that actually made a video game that was based on the Battle Royale movie franchise by creating a game during which 100 players could battle each other at the same time on a huge map.

What is Fortnite exactly?

The goals in this game are pretty simple, yet very challenging. In the “Save the World” mode of Fortnite you try to fight of masses of zombies by building fortresses with boobytraps, and you can protect yourself with a huge arsenal of different types of weapons, but you can also make your own defence material. The “Battle Royale” version is more based on the gameplay of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, because you need to make sure to be the last one standing in a map full of gamers that will try to make your gaming-life miserable.

Fortnite Save the World
Fortnite Battle Royale

Since there are so many different elements to Fort nite, it is hard to put this game in a single video game genre, also because the gameplay of Fortnite is somewhere in-between Minecraft with tower-defence, but it is also a co-op third-person shooter with elements of RPG games scattered all over it. In short, there are many possibilities in Fortnite, and this results in a very cool mix of all sorts of genres. Fort nite can be played with up to four gamers at the same time.

Is Fortnite free-to-play?

In its core Fortnite is a free-to-play video game, but you can also make use of micro transactions. Nowadays only the Battle Royale mode is free-to-play. The Save the World mode of Fortnite can only be played when you buy this mode.

Fortnite Piñatas as a reward

In Fortnite you get rewards called Pinatas, you get these Piñatas whenever you have successfully finished a mission, and to level your in-game character. In the Piñata’s there are guides on how to build certain weapons and traps, survival techniques, experience points and in-game currency you can use to buy all sorts of stuff in the Fort nite game.

Battle Royal mode

The developer of Fortnite, Epic Games, was so taken by the Battle Royale mode of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground that they have created their own version of this game mode. Since the release of Fort nite this mode is the most popular one, and best of all, it is free-to-play! This mode can be either played in PvE mode (Player-versus-Environment) as PvP mode (Player-versus-Player). 

Fortnite Loot Llama

Save the World mode

In the Save the World mode of Fortnite you need to fight of one horde of zombies after another. You need to build fortresses, and you have to prevent the enemy from destroying your armoured fortresses. You can use brute violence to kill your enemies: You can dig traps, you can spike your enemies, you can kill them with poisonous arrows, and you can also make use of heavy machinery in order to defeat the monstrosities in a marvellous game of Fort nite. This mode is NOT free-to-play!

Fortnite Vbucks

Buying V-bucks

What are V-bucks? This is the in-game currency in the video game Fortnite.
You can wait to have obtained a good number of Fort nite Piñatas, so that you have earned enough V-bucks, but you can also buy V-bucks with game cards that you can find in our web shop. This currency can be used whenever you are playing Battle Royale in the Player-versus-Player mode, but also in the Save the World Player-versus-Environment campaign. In the Battle Royale mode you can even purchase a Battle Pass or customizations for your in-game hero, but also for your gliders and pickaxes. In the Save the World Mode you can buy Llama Piñata card packs that contains weaponry, traps, gadgets, but also new heroes, and more. Note: Items cannot be transferred between the Battle Royale mode, and the Save the World campaign.

Fortnite Save the World first trailer
Source: Fortnite

Fortnite Battle Royale first gameplay trailer
Source: Fortnite

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