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Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 logo

The hunt for demons continues

Whatever game you are playing, you can put is aside for a while because Devil May Cry 5 is coming! Tomorrow you can get back to work as Dante, to free the world from demons. The fifth part of this hack and slash series has taken a long time to be released, at least ten years (we do not count DmC: Devil May Cry reboot of 2013).

Devil May Cry V will be released on March 8, 2019 for the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

Devil May Cry 5 Characters

New threat appearing in Red Grave City

The game introduces a new character, "V". He has the assignment to help Dante stop a new demon invasion. Fans of Devil May Cry already are putting memes on the internet, referring to him as Kylo Ren in disguise after being pulled through a mosh-pit of My Chemical Romance. More info about V later in this blog.

Together with Nero they go into battle. However, they fail in their attempt to getting rid of the threat. Soon, Qliphoth, a demonic tree that feeds on human blood, grows and festers in Red Grave City. During Xbox E3 Live Interview, game director Hideaki Itsuno announces that this tree plays a crucial role in the Devil May Cry game.

When you watch the trailer you see an incredible amount of detail, beautiful graphics and lots of blood and gore. Exactly as we are used to from 3 and 4.

Gameplay and characters

If you have played the previous games of Devil May Cry, then you are familiar with the combat system and the boss battles. You are playing Nero and Dante again, with the fighting styles you are familiar with. Nero faithfully uses his Red Queen sword and Blue Rose revolver. The arm he had lost earlier in the series has now been replaced by new "Devil Breakers". This robot arm is available in various shapes and sizes, one for every situation ; ) Dante still has his Rebellion familiars and the Sparda weapon. He also has two new Devil Arms we can try out.

Devil May Cry 5 Nero
Devil May Cry 5 Dante

In Devil May Cry 5 you have a third character that fights for you, we mentioned him earlier: V. He is slightly different in terms of fighting style, but certainly no less fun. He also uses familiars, demons that seem to come from his tattoos. There are three types of familiars V uses:

Devil May Cry 5 New Character V
  • Griffon: This beast is always near V. Griffon has long-range attacks and conveniently speaks the human language, so he also acts as an interpreter between V and the other two demons, Shadow and Nightmare.
  • Shadow: This four-legged friend can take various combat forms (read: razor-sharp objects) to defend V. For example, razor-sharp tentacles can come out of him to do serious damage to the enemy. Shadow can also serve as a mount for V.
  • Nightmare: You can evoke this gigantic demon in more turbulent and hectic battles. Nightmare can, as you might have seen in the trailer, be at least 6 meters tall. He may look awkward with his sluggish movements, but he is really powerful, almost unbeatable. If Nightmare is summoned into the fight, enemies have no chance against him.
Note: Enemies can only be defeated if V deals the final blow!

Co-op system

The co-op system is something entirely new in Devil May Cry 5. Hideaki and his team wanted the game to form an exceptional and epic story in three perspectives, in which the 3 characters Niro, Dante and V with their unique playing styles help each other from time to time. To do this, they have implemented a Cameo System, where other players can help you in real time (you must be connected to the internet). Fight side by side against demons. That’s amazing, right? Another possibility is to walk around as one of the three characters in the gameplay recordings of other players, so you can see how other players take on certain battles.

In-game purchases

One thing that still needs some explanation, are the in-game purchases that you can do in Devil May Cry 5. It is possible to purchase in-game orbs to upgrade your characters. So far, the demo has not shown that there is a shortage of these orbs, so why spend money on something that you can get in abundance? Maybe for the gamers among us who want the extra upgrades in an early stage? That has yet to be shown when the full game is playable.

Devil May Cry 5 skull

A great game with unique features

So, to wrap up: we are looking forward to the full game, with V as the new character and completely new fighting style, the co-op possibilities and all the blood and gore that comes with it. And what about that diabolical tree?


What are you most looking forward to? Have you already played the demo? Share your experiences with us on Facebook!

Are you going to purchase the game digitally so that you can play immediately at the time of release? Make sure you have enough credit on your account; ) Purchase an Xbox Gift Card, a PSN Card, or Steam Gift Card.

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Quand tu choisis ton pays, nous montrons immédiatement des produits qui sont valables dans ce pays. Faire attention que tu choisis le vrai pays où tu as ton compte. C’est nécessaire de savoir où tu as ton compte quand t’encaisses ta carte.