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Today’s top 3 horror games

Friday the 13th. Whether this day takes place in the middle of summer, or on a dark winter night. It's always the perfect night to get creepy - solo or with others. Read: playing games that send shivers down your spine. We have determined our top 3!

3. Alien: Isolation (Xbox, PlayStation, PC)

Through the years there have been a great many video games that had the Alien franchise as their source material, of all these games “Alien: Isolation” is by far the best one. This game exuberates all the creepy, psychological horror the first movie became famous for, and next to this the gamer is also presented with a game that has a great running time. Alien: Isolation ensures that your heartbeat will be at its peak for hours at a time, like no other Alien video game has ever done before. In Isolation gamers take on the role of the daughter of the fabulous, female main character of the first four Alien movies, Commander Ripley. You travel into space to reach a spaceship. At first you think the ship is abandoned, but it turns out that it has the same type of aliens in it that your mother fought before you. The bloodthirsty aliens can be around every corner, and you never know when one will pop up out. This idea makes Alien: Isolation immensely creepy and terrifying. The balance between gameplay and atmosphere is sublime. The gameplay is based on your movement and sounds, so sometimes you have to hold your breath and a second later you have to run frantically for your life. In the past couple of years many Alien movies were released, but in Alien: Isolation you get the chance to experience the horror of the first movie, and that is %$#@ terrifying.


2. Layers of Fear (Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Nintendo Switch)

There are video games that are full of jump scares, there are games which make you scream out of pure fear, but Layers of Fear does all of that, and ups the ante by presenting its players with feelings of self-doubt. As a gamer you enter the home of an unknown artist. Something made the artist go totally insane, and this reflects in his creepy home. Fact becomes fiction, and vice versa in this video game. Sometimes a door disappears all of a sudden, and a minute later a normal hallway seems to have no end anymore. As a gamer you get devoured by the mental state of the artist. Sometimes an item is in one spot, then in another. You run from a monster, but where is the exit? Layers of Fear plays with the psyche of its players, and because of that this is a horror game that you will not forget easily. Scared yet?!


1. Resident Evil 7 (Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Nintendo Switch)

It could have been a huge disaster, reviving the once very popular Resident Evil video game franchise. With its sixth iteration, which was, let’s say “far from great”, the final days of the once beloved franchise seemed to become closer and closer. This makes it all the greater that Resident Evil 7 became such a huge hit. The seventh installment changed the camera angle from third-person to first-person, and the story was not about masses of zombies anymore, but about a hillbilly family in a mansion in the desolate countryside. These changes ensured that the Resident Evil franchise was revived, and stronger than ever. This is a must-play video game during the night of Halloween!

What about you?

This is our scary top 3, but which is yours? Is your favorite horror game on our list?

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